Does Automatic Dish Machine detergent expire?

mark40511March 6, 2009

I was going to buy some in bulk (cascade complete) but wasn't sure if I should. Does anyone know what the shelf life is on this stuff?

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Not unless it gets wet and forms a hard lump....but even then I have beat it into a powder and used it.
Linda C

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I understand that it does after being open a few years. I would still use it though.

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I'm with Linda, beat it back to a powder and toss it in the machine. I just bought a bunch of my detergent in bulk and never even thought about it expiring.

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Well over the years of reading articles I seem to remember coming across a few articles saying to always buy the smallest box of dishwasher powder and use it up within a couple of months and keep it in a dry cupboard, not under the sink. But I haven't read anything like this recently so I wasn't sure if the efficacy of the detergent over time has changed with the new formulations.

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As my knuckles get older I find myself buying small containers of stuff like laundry and dish washing detergents which I once purchased in bulk size packages.

To my surprise I find that sometimes, although infrequently, the little unit price sticker on the small container is less than on the larger ones.

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Like anything , the best thing to do is buy the smallest amount and use it up. That's what I do with soaps, spices, etc. Don't keep a supply in your house. Let your supermarket rotate their stock and sell you more when it's convenient for you. I don't stock up on anything anymore, except toilet paper and paper towels, because we go thru them so fast.

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