Daylight windows/raising the house

lniaMarch 20, 2012

Hello everyone,

We are now working on incorporating daylight windows in the basement. We can raise the house by 4 1 /2 feet to give us nice size windows but by doing so we have 6 steps in garage and leading up to porch. Do you think this is took many? Not sure what is the acceptable number of steps without becoming took many.


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I think 6 are fine. The only thing to think about are any accessibility issues. Not sure if you are concerned about someone older having to take the steps or if you are injured. Or if you have a bunch of stuff to bring in the kitchen and keeping balance. But if that is not a big deal, I have seen steps done many times and it looks nice. I think the large basement windows will definitely increase the value and usability and that would be more important to me.

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