Oven temperature weirdness in GE Profile electric range

suburbanmdMarch 12, 2012

I have a new GE Profile free-standing electric range (the cooking surface is induction, but this isn't an induction issue). The oven temperature display counts up to the set temp during preheat, and then stays fixed at the set temp. This is working as designed, and based on bread baking performance, the temperature seems to be fine...the bread is done, 190degF internal temperature, around the time when the recipe says it should be.

The weirdness comes when the oven has been set to some temperature, and I reset it to a higher one. Say it was at 350, and I reset it to 400. The display ought to start out somewhere in the neighborhood of 350, but it'll be like 385, or even 400 accompanied by the beeps indicating it's preheated. It sure seems like something is wrong, and I'm going to put in a service call. But it's weird, because if the temperature was really 50 degrees off then I'd expect to see it in my baking results. Has anyone seen something like this in a digital oven, GE or otherwise?

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Have you tried getting an oven thermometer to check? Or two, so you can check different areas of the oven?

This type of thing happened a lot in my GE Monogram oven, but the temp was always low, so if I messed at all with the temperature adjustment, it seemed to 'realize' it was low, and made preheat come on and overbrowned the tops of anything in the oven. So be careful checking real-time temp by moving the knob while you have baked goods in the oven.

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I don't often reset the temp on my GE Profile ... but on the occasions that I have it may read slightly wonky at first. I don't recall if the general pattern is lower or higher than the previous target. I'm not a "power baker" by any means but I've not noticed any performance issues.

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The display is probably designed to not change eventhough the true temperature may oscillate +- 25F. You would need an oven thermometer to check.

Cars do the same thing. It will say the temp is fixed, but in reality it oscillates based on the thermostat. If the gauge showed what was actually going on, everyone would be bringing their cars in daily for nothing.

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weedmeister, I understand what you're saying. The thing is, the display never starts out lower than 350 when I reset the temp, as you'd expect if it's swinging above and below the set point. It's always higher than 350, and usually more than 25 degrees above 350. I guess I do have to measure the temp with an oven thermometer. But if the actual temp swing is within reason, then the display is off, when I "unlock" it by changing the set point, to the extent that it says it's preheated to 400 when it isn't. Anyway, I contacted GE customer service through the website, and I'll see what they say before I put in a service call.

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My GE profile oven temps are way off. I have been doing a lot of heavy baking and noticed things were taking twice as long as they should to cook. I checked the oven temp on convection bake and it was 50 degrees off. The temp read 275 when it was set at 350. Then I switched to regular bake and it took ten minutes to read 350 on the display. I checked the inside and it read 300. So I raised the temperature to 375 and when the display said 375, I checked the oven thermometer and it read 365. So, I lowered the temperature to 370 on the display and then it read 360 on the thermometer. Nothing is cooking correctly.
I was thinking of replacing the profile with the induction model - but if temperature is an issue on this unit also, I may need to rethink this. SUBURBANMD, I would like to know what happened with your range.

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I also posted this in the thread below, which is about the similar slide-in range. Look at the posts starting at "Tue, Mar 27, 12 at 16:39". In summary, I've decided it's a quirk that's not worth worrying about. I haven't baked anything besides bread, and I haven't used convection yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Profile Slide-In Induction Range PHS925STSS

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FWIW.....I have two GE Profile ovens....a single-oven range at one location and a double wall-oven at another, both with convection option. Both are a little slow coming to temp but both hold their temps very well. In addition to manual measurements, I do lots of baking and roasting. All observations confirm the consistency.

Accordingly, I think somethings wrong with OP's unit.

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I just ran a quick test, at several temperature settings, with an oven thermometer from the supermarket. The temperatures are fine once they settle down. Clearly the preheated signal is too soon in the case I described in my original post, where I'm raising the temperature of an already-heated oven. But since the other guy's oven, in the other thread, does the same thing, it's unlikely to be a sample defect, and I doubt that a technician could do anything about it.

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I may have created the wrong impression in previous post. Need to mention a personal practice of mine.

My decades-long experience with baking, in particular, leads me to wait for stabilization before I put my product inside. In practice, that means I wait for temp-obtained signal from the oven, then wait another 15-20 minutes before putting the goods inside.

Just because the thermostat detected the dialed-in temp, doesn't mean the unit is settled down. Same for every oven I've ever used. I can say that my GE Profile ovens are well-insulated and once stabilized via my extra wait-period, they hold their temps very consistently and evenly. For example, with previous KA oven, I could see the uneven browning on bread-tops and cookies. With the GE's everything's even all over.

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Although this thread is about electric ranges, I have the same issue as you have, along with another issue in my 10 year old Profile gas range. I've been finding that my oven temps, long after stabilization times, are frequently, but not always 50 degrees lower than the setpoint. In addition, if I use the touch panel to raise the temp, many times the temp will not raise. I have to shut down the oven and restart with the new temp.

I had a repair person here through my Home Warranty; he's going to replace the control panel and a temp sensor next week when the parts come in. He said because of the design of the range - the oven vents directly beneath the electronic control panel - and I often use temps above 500, it probably shortened the life of the control panel.

Other than that, I have had no other issue with this range. It's been an absolute workhorse and for my co-pay of $95, I expect to have many more years of service out of it.


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We have a Profile multi-fuel / gas top and electric/convection range P2S975SEM1SS. It doesn't hold the oven temperature and we've had a number of other serious issues with it. We love to cook and find the range unacceptable because of the temp fluctuations. GE has made three service calls in the 5 years that we've owned it and replaced the first range, most recently replaced a circuit board at $458 and a failed burner control (we had a 3' flame on large burner). The repairs will last for 6 months then we start having problems again. At this time all of the knobs are loose on the front of the stove and the oven won't hold temperature. We are going to junk it and replace it with another brand. Suggestions anyone?

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar problem reported to Consumer Affairs

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We had GE replace the digital control panel in our GE Profile dual fuel P2S975SEP1SS range at a cost of $458 only to have the oven lapse back into erratic behavior. I then purchased a replacement for the oven temperature sensor for $11.40. When I tried to replace it I found that the connector was badly burned on the inside. Apparently, at the time of manufacturing the connector was left on top of the broiler calrod electrical connection causing it to burn, and this would also explain the erratic oven temperatures. You must remove the metal back panel of the range to see this connection. We also noticed the melting of other wiring connectors.

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I am so happy to find this complaint about the GE oven. I have had my GE Monogram for 10 years I have had the service folks out 3 times the first year and gave up. Apparently, their specs allow for a range from 325 - 375 when you set the oven to 350. Of course, this is absurd but even a letter to the president of the engineering unit went unanswered. The only reason I haven't replaced the oven is because the GE Monogram and the Bosch were the only 2 double ovens that fit within a 48" vertical space.

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