Rust on Baking Pans

jannieMarch 22, 2007

Several of my metal baking pans and cooking sheets have rust spots on them. I have put them in the dishwasher, which I suspect may have caused the rust. What do you do to clean yours? Is there a way to remove the rust?

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If they are rusty they are goners.

Once the oxidation process has started, the reaction continues deep in the material. The few things you can do to arrest the rust cannot be done on food surfaces.

I hand wash all my bakeware.

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Buy only aluminum pans, Wilton has some, and you won't have this problem anymore. Also non aluminum pans leave a metallic taste on your food.

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Thanks for the advice. I will toss the rusted pans, maybe I can use them in my gardening.

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You can remove the rust by rubbing it with a cut potato. It sounds corny, doesn't it? The pans are perfectly safe to use. To help prevent rusting, wash the pans BY HAND, carefully dry with a towel. I pop them back in the still-warm oven to get the pan completely dry (those little cracks around the rolled edge...). Even putting them in the oven with the light on produces enough warmth to help thoroughly dry the pans.

Remember, any type of aluminum pan should NOT be placed in the dishwasher. Doing so may result in dark staining.


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I agree with Grainlady. Some of mine have a little rust in corners and cracks. (I should follow her advice and put them in the oven to dry.) I use parchment paper now with almost everything I bake so it doesn't really matter.

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I'm with Bean... I have some rust too, but just cover with aluminum foil all the time.

I've never heard of the thing with the potato- Grainlady, you know everything!

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