Hood insert with internal blower- Modernaire, Faber, others?

labbieMarch 6, 2012

What a great board- read through the information on here re. ventilation, blowers, internal/external,etc. and thanks to you can at least ask intelligent questions when shopping!

Due to short duct length to outside, we're going internal blower. Using a 36inch BS rangetop, so would like 1200cfm.

BS dealer recommended a Faber hood insert to us, over a Broan, based on our desire for the 'quietest possible' internal blower. (We know it will be louder than external but again we don't have the distance for external.)

I've read good things about Modernaire as well and called them today. Are there other brands for inserts we should be considering? Our budget is under $2K for the insert.

Vendor recs are also appreciated-

Thanks in advance!

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While the faber insert is quite on setting number 1 it is very loud on setting number 3, if I recall this is due to the transition from oblong to round.

Because you are purchasing a BS range top it is clear that you intend to use the range top, most probably for high heat cooking which inherently normally generates more smoke and grease, provided that is correct I would recommend the Modern-Aire option over Faber or Broan, and its just under your budget.

Please note that while the insert is important the actual capture area you create is even more important. If the wooden structure is not constructed correctly you will find you need to run the blower at a higher speed, build it right and you will run the motor at a slower speed or setting, thereby making less noise and it will be more effective.

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Prestige Power Pack UIB401200 $1634

40" wide with 1200cfm internal blower will work for you too.

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trevor, thanks for the recommendation. you are correct re. our intent for the BS cooking- Wok here we come (we've been dealing with a 1990s era electric cooktop in our new home since last May and miss our old gas stove). While not a daily thing it will be nice to have the option. Our current kitchen has NO ventilation (other than a window). Ugh.

If I could ask you for more details on the wood hood structure- our cabinetmaker was actually the one stressing to us the importance of ventilation with our powerful rangetop selection so I assume he 'gets it', but I don't want to leave anything to chance.

My husband is 6'2, so I know we were trying to ensure proper proportions so that he will be able to comfortably be at the rangetop, but that was more height of hood- any recs on depth? I can verify with the cabinetmaker that we are in the right ballpark- he hasn't started building yet.

Many thanks.

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Dee also puts forward another contender that would be better than Faber or Broan.

I would recommend an insert 34" Width x 22" depth with a 1200 cfm internal blower in your case, if you want to you can go 40" wide.

what I tell my customers is. Imagine an upturned kitchen sink, I am selling you the plug hole and you are building the bowl. Whatever goes in that bowl will go into the plug hole for sure. By doing this you also crate a holding area for the times when you get a big pluff of smoke and grease.

The holding area is created by fitting the insert 6" up into the wood frame, again imagine an upturned sink.

MOST and not all but most cabinet makers make the cabinetry the same size as the insert resulting in a lack of depth and flush with the base of the wooden structure.

As for height from the range top, first priority is comfort your husband, he must feel comfortable when he is cooking or its no fun for him. Second the higher the bottom of the wooden structure from the range top the wider the smoke and grease will be when it gets to the insert, so your husband does not need 6" clearance give him 2". Third check your local code for the distance they want a flammable structure from the range top.

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Thank you for the info- I will follow up with the cabinetmaker on the hood.
I will also investigate the Modernaire and Prestige brands. Is it the fans themselves that make them better? And Trevor what is the transition from oblong to round in the Faber? I am just trying to get more educated on what has turned out to be, while extremely important, the least 'fun' part of our appliance shopping!
Thanks again-

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