Canisters: Sebo D4 vs. Miele UniQ

GromitInWAFebruary 1, 2013

Any thoughts on the Sebo D4 versus the Miele UniQ? The Capricorn is perhaps the more logical comparison but the UniQ is the Miele I'm considering. Also, local pricing puts the UniQ within $300 of the Sebo, so I am comparing them.
From the interwebs, here's what I've gleaned about both of them.
+ Quality: the Sebos seem to get great marks for quality from the reviews I've seen.
+ Suction: supposedly better than Mieles but the CFMs are lower than the UniQ.
+ Long cord.
- Heavier and larger than the Miele.
- Harder to get supplies and perhaps more expensive (but I'd get these online anyway)
- 5 year warranty as opposed to 10-year Miele warranty.

+ Smaller and lighter than the Sebo.
+ More tech features.
+ Easier to get supplies.
- Shorter cord.
- More expensive.
- Quality?

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Well the Sebo D4 that I ordered online arrived last night. Tried it on the hardwood floors and it worked well. Tried it on the carpet upstairs with the power head and while the cleaning was great, the hose at the canister bent and tore almost clean off! Not a good impression at all unfortunately. Definitely going to try the Miele.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I saw you mentioned the cost difference between these two. Have you considered the Miele Marin instead of the uniq?

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I'd actually considered the Marin first but could not find one available. I was able to get the Uniq locally for $1200 instead of the $1700 it is priced at everywhere else I've looked. So still more than the $900 Sebo but not almost 2x more...
Picked up the Uniq yesterday and will report back.

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Looking forward to your findings and thoughts.

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The ideal device would be a hybrid Miele/Sebo (Mielebo?)
The Mielebo would have:
+ Long cord of the Sebo
+ Removable brush from the carpet brush of the Sebo
+ Lightweight of the Sebo handle
+ Parking clip for motorized carpet cleaning head of the Sebo
+ Lightweight of the Miele canister
+ Quietness of the Miele (Sebo is a little louder)
+ Auto suction setting of the Miele
+ Handle controls for all functions including on/off of the Miele

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I will be line for that Mielebo for sure!!!! I am however very happy with my Marin and its 21ft cord. Just had to figure out the optimal plug location in the house where I don't have to move the plug too many times. I actually don't mind moving the plug since I generally clean room by room so my system and Mieles shorter cord work well together.

That would be a great combination.

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Any update?

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