Can You Recommend a Steam Iron?

amck2March 19, 2013

I had great luck with my first Rowenta steam iron - lasted for years of daily use. My second, and now my third have only worked well for about a year or so.

Still reluctant to give up on the brand, I bought a new one last week. It cycled on & off all the time I was ironing one shirt - wouldn't hold enough heat on the cotton setting to keep steaming and began to drip. I called their customer service to make sure I was using it properly and I was. Rep could not determine what might be wrong. Thought I had a "lemon" so I exchanged it for another (same model) & it did the same thing.

I'm ready to move on to another brand. All I want is a reliable iron that has enough power to iron cotton/linen with good steam and no dripping.

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My DM swears by the tried & true classic Black & Decker. I thought it was the metal plate that made the difference (no coating on it) and found a great deal on a Shark on closeout. While the Shark does a good job, DM's B&D still does a better job.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Black & Decker Classic Steam Iron

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Another B&D Classic fan here. However, it's very heavy compared to the Rowenta, so if you have any kind of wrist problems, maybe not the best choice.

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Thank you for the replies. So far, no wrist problems, so a heavier iron isn't an issue.

Except that her's had a fabric cord, the photo of the B&D Classic reminds me of the iron my mother used for most all the years I lived at home. Amazing how well things were made back then. My mom was fastidious about clothes - and even bedding - being nicely pressed and she ironed cotton dress shirts for my dad and her white nurse's uniforms for decades with that iron!

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I'm a daily iron user, being a quilter. All steam irons have one thing in common, they all become incontinent! LOL, eventually they all begin to leak, and it doesn't matter how expensive they are. That's why I don't spend a lot on any one, and simply plan on replacing every once in awhile. You may have better results at keeping your iron working if you use distilled or purified water.

I have a Rowenta that I like, mostly because it heats quickly, and because the cord retracts into the case which makes storing it neat and tidy.

If you want a lot of feedback on irons, post your question in one of the sewing or quilting forums here.

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Another vote for the B&D classic.

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I have a Panasonic Steam/Dry iron NI-C78SR that I absolutely love. I purchased it after years of using the $10-12 irons. It has excellent steam function. I haven't noticed any leaking. We use distilled water. The cord also retracts. It's a little heavy depending on what you're used to. I couldn't bring myself to pay the cost of a Rowenta, so this was the compromise. I don't regret it at all. So far it's been 3 years and going strong.

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B&D classic, no question. The Rowenta I had didn't hold up as long, or do as good a job and it was 3 times the cost.

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My Rowenta of 7 years is still running strong and without leaks.

However, early on I had to do a little surgery on it and removed the crappy motion/attitude sensor module, as it kept turning off the iron for no reason. I'm still convinced that manufacturers add useless features just to annoy their customers, my Rowenta works so much better without that stupid module!

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Love my Rowenta; 8+ years and still going strong.

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It will change your muscle memory -- in a good way. (see link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Even better than its reviews

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Does Panasonic still make the ones with a removable water container? Between that and the retractable cord, my 15-year-old Panasonic is very convenient, and the spray/mist button works better than most as well. Some of the new ones have a diamond-shaped soleplate rather than a triangular one that works well in both directions.

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I really like my t-fal. Very inexpensive, gets pretty hot and has great steam.

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