Cigarette Smell on Sewing Machine

rivkadrFebruary 1, 2011

I bought a used longarm recently (think of it as a really big sewing machine for sewing quilts), and obviously the woman who owned it before me was a smoker. It stinks something fierce, and the exterior of the machine has a bit of a sticky residue. I can't clean the inside of the machine, but is there anything I can use on the outside of it to remove some of the stench?

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I'd wipe it with lemon juice. Nature's acid and refresher. We bought our house from a man who was a heavy smoker. The only thing that worked was real lemon juice. We also had the bathroom gutted, re-tiuled and new wallpaper put up.

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So undiluted lemon juice?

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I would have the sewing machine serviced and request they try to remove the odor. After it is dunked into a vat of cleaning fluid, it may not have an odor anymore. Not sure if they still clean machines that way or not.

Most likely the machine needs servicing anyway.

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The sticky residue is nicotine and tobacco tars ... wipe it off with alcohol.

Wear gloves - it can irritate your skin.

That might be enough, if not, start taking off cover plates and cleaning inside them.

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Undiluted lemon juice is my recommendation, yes. But I'd think a full service/cleaning by a professional is probably the best option.

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Former smoker, and long-arm quilter here. Most of those responding have no idea how LARGE these machines are - you can't just throw them in the back of the car and take them to a sewing repair shop, LOL.

Use rubbing alcohol on a cloth. I usually keep it mixed 50-50 with water in a spray bottle, but you can just dump some on a cloth. Change the cloth frequently. That will remove the nicotine residue from the outer cover of the machine. You can't clean the interior, of course, unless you want to completely repack the gearbox and bearings.

What kind of table do you have? Alcohol may work, but you may be better off using Clorox wipes - NOT straight bleach!! But the disinfecting wipes for all surfaces should clean the table.

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I restored an Ethan Allen drop leaf end table that had the sticky nicotine residue. I used the cream hand cleaner that mechanics use. Its called Goop. After I got the residue off, I wiped it down good and let it air out. It was tough with all of the nooks and furniture joints, but it was well worth the effort. I use this stuff for everything including laundry and degreasing my kitchen cabinets. Good Luck

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