Recommendation for over 900CFM island mount hood (recirculating)?

ImcaffeineMarch 28, 2012

This might be a tough one.

We can't vent outside; we'll need at least 900 CFM; it's island mount, and we are looking for a 42" model (over a 36" range).

Any model recommendations? I'm going for this look: ADL-E42ASX Zephyr

But this model is only 600 CFM. The only one that fits the criteria is Cavaliere, but I'm looking for a better brand...

Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

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Probably not helpful, but if you need that big a hood you probably really want to get the smell, smoke, grease, and combustion products out of the building. Recirculating might take out dome of the bigger grease droplets, but everything else is being blown back into your living space. Whether it requires building a soffit to carry a vent or moving the range to a different location you will be much happier with an external exhaust if you really use the stove for much cooking.

I wonder if anyone makes a small diameter, high velocity remote fan setup that move enough CFM through a hose that can more readily be snaked through whatever joist/rafter bays you have available?

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400 Hz three-phase 208 Vac fans used on aviation electronics can do this, but they are quiet only in the context of the nearby jet engine.

Rootes type compressors (used on drag race cars and certain classes of industrial air compressors) can do this also. I would not want to listen to one of those either.

In any case, there may be another reason for no outside venting, such as defective building rules. In such a case, the problem of interior recirculation becomes one of how much room do I have for a sequence of filters that will get most of the effluent. A HVAC professional should be consulted.


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I wouldnt think a 900cfm recirculating blower would be any more effective than a 200cfm blower. Note I said 'blower' since nothing gets vented.

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CFMs are probably irrelevant when you're recirculating.

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I'm currently in a condo with a recirculating hood - I can tell you with my experience that CFM matters. So now if you guys can help me out here...?

And by the way, it's very common if you live in a big city. I'm pretty sure that many people face the same situation, so some practical advice would really help.


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Sorry, but all the extra CFMs will do is recirculate the hot air faster back into your kitchen. Save your money and get something that looks nice :-)

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I think "CFMs" are important for ensuring proper capture and containment depending on the hood configuration and cooking technique. What happens after that will depend on how good the filtering is. Certainly the heat will be recirculated; hopefully the grease will be at least partially filtered out.


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Two considerations-
Ventahood has a recirculating unit that seems like it can work.
If you choose induction the need for ventilation is reduced with the elimination of heat and combustion products.
Here's a discussion.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cooktop ventilation LEED

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Thank you Dan1888. Very helpful.

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