Refrigerator angst

rozillaFebruary 14, 2010

What IS that gunk in there? I take out the shelves, wash the drawers, and in a week it is a big box of gross again. Between the two-hour chore I wipe off containers, clean the visible parts of shelves, wipe under stuff. I have a job already, don't want to devote all this time to that refrigerator which is making me nuts. Know any secrets to keeping one clean?

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Do one shelf at a time when you notice it's grungy. I only completely clean mine every month or 2.Depending on how clean it stays.

My top shelf where the milk and jams sit gets the grungiest, so I often take the milk out, push everything to one side as far as I can and wash that part then wipe off the jars and put on the clean side then wipe off the other side and arrange it. It takes about 10 minutes to do this. When I bring in groceries I wipe out drawers before I set the groceries in them. It's much easier and seems to take less time if you try to keep it reasonably clean between cleanings.

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I do one shelf at a time, put the jars and containers in the kitchen sink with about an inch of water and a squirt of dushsoap. Wipe them off and return to the clean refridge shelf. I also post a note to my family not to put any open or leaking containers in our fridge. Mama won't like it!

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I think you guys are right. Doing a little at a time makes more sense than waiting for it to build up so that it becomes a huge job. Why didn't I think of that?? Thanks

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