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PurplemoonMarch 3, 2012

Make your own Moss Bunny.....use any bunny figurine and just glue on faux moss, add flowers.

Easter Peeps in (rice krispies) Nests

Decorated Egg Carton.....tho I'd want to have colored eggs instead. (and in my case, faux ones)

Silver and (robin's) Blue Eggs for Spring or Easter

Not actually for a Holiday, tho could be accessorized for any. I love the old silver, wine rack, towel holder idea. Really pretty I think.

Thrift store candle-holders and mirrors from Dollar Store (or Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc)

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Love the moss bunny! And why hadn't I thought of rice krispies for nests? Cute idea! Love the robin's blue eggs with the silver...very elegant looking and the towel rack is lovely too! So many great ideas...too bad I don't have room for all of them! TFS~

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Clever ideas.
My fav is the mirror/candleholder tiers!
The silver holder is pretty too.


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Hey! I love that mirror/candleholder serving piece too.
Also like the moss bunny, but for some reason, I think it sounds easier than it looks. I want someone to try this out and let me know how it goes.

In the meantime, I'll be looking for mirrors in graduated sizes.

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Oh those mirrors w/candleholders...delightful...that could be alot of fun for lots of holidayS! and that bunny...pretty cool! Lots of good ideas here...the egg carton would be a simple one ...fun! But the peeps & Rice Krispies...so cute (I don't like peeps tho...darn)...nor do my Gr'kids! (double darn) TFS, PM...thinking about you & good to hear from you! Jeanne S.

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Karen, good to see you back and posting fun ideas! I like everything you found. The moss bunny is so neat. I have moss but I can't see myself doing that nice of a job on one.

I have a DD and sis that love peeps so I may make some of those. The egg carton w/pic is so neat. I agree, adding some color would be a nice touch to the eggs. The silver and blue are striking together.

So glad you mentioned the towel rack was a wine holder. I really like this. I have a wine holder that would be cute decorated. You've got my mind going now.LOL

The candle-holders and mirrors are such a neat look. I keep forgetting I have a stacker. Will have to drag it out and try putting something together on it.


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Fun pics, tho I agree that the moss probably wouldn't go on that smooth if I tried doing it! LOL Had a coworker who used to make the nest out of those chow mein noodles and she put the little jelly bean eggs in them. Like the look of the old silver trays on the rack too. TFS


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You find the best things to share with us, Karen.
I like the stacked candle holders and mirrors beat too.

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I love the moss bunny and the robin-blue eggs w/ silver! The peeps & krispies are cute too. TFS!

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So many nice ideas here Karen..
as much as I like the mirror candleholders,
my favorite is the silver wine/towel holder.
Such a simple idea that looks very pretty.


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Karen, love that moss covered bunny. I"ll have to watch for a bunny that would work for that one. I have several big cement bunnies in my yard, but they would be pretty big and heavy to try this with. I am wondering if the little ones that you find in the $store for the kiddies would work. They might be so light that you would need to cut a slit in them to weight them down with sand or something heavy so they wouldn't tumble over, but that could be covered with tape and the moss so ir wouldn't matter. I really like the stacked mirrors too. That is another one I might have to try, just one big problem===to many things I love for the room that I have to display things. Glad you are posting again. We miss you when you are MIA. Hugs, Janet

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