Accidentally spilled dark paint on front porch

bommaiFebruary 13, 2010

I am living in a rental townhome and I accidentally spilled a little bit of dark paint on the front porch. It is made of concrete that is not sealed. Looks like the concrete sucked up the paint immediately. I need to get this fixed especially since we are moving out soon. What is the best way?

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What kind of paint oil, acrylic or akyyd. Read your paint can and see what they recommend for cleanup. Don't be surprised however if it's there to stay

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If it's alkyde...use a stripper and a wire brush....if it's water based use straight Grease cutter for cleaning auto engines....and a wire brush.
Mop op the goo with paper towels.
Linda C

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It is normal wall interior paint - flat enamel. I was actually cleaning the brush and roller in a water spiket when I accidentally spilled some residue in the concrete. The concrete just sucked it in. Cannot clean it with water. However, I figured I could put something in that would suck out the paint.

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You need a medium wire brush and a really strong household cleaner, like Mex. It's going to take some work, but it will come off.

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