Best way to clean kitchen floor grout?

mikeandbarbFebruary 19, 2008

I have asthma so it needs to be non toxic. Last time I forgot to tell the carpet cleaning person not to use the regular cleaner, I ended up in the ER.

I'm wanting to do this myself and DH has grout cleaner but it clearly states if you have asthma not to use it. He does not understand this.

TIA, Barb

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A tooth brush and comet, and a little water....
labor intensive but no fumes and with the water, no dust.
Then you have to mop up the comet....but....
Linda C

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I had sealed grout in our former kitchen (new kitchen will be waiting 2 years to get started) after the floor was installed. We had the same grout on the floors, counter, and backsplash. Anyway, it was sealed with Home Depot stuff, and when I needed to clean it, I would use a baby wipe...came out clean and not too labor intensive, even after a large jar of taco sauce spilled on it.

BTW, the grout was white...

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Get a steamer from someone if you don't have one. No fumes and it cleaned up my niece's in her house that had never been sealed and was filthy! It was black when we started and pale grey when we finished. And it didn't take any time at all with a steamer.

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Just hire it done. Why bother as it will be less expensive than a trip to the ER. Stanley Steemer does this and they use a floor machine which is big and the weight is great and really hits the floor. They also use a gritt brush for the grout and I am unable to describe it to you. The hose is attached to the truck mount vacuum and it is exhausted outside. They also do sealing but I would ask about the properties due to your condition.

Good Luck!

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Lindac's method is what I'd do. Yes, it's tedious, but at least you get to sit down on the job!

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Put hydrogen peroxide in a clean spray bottle. Spray it directly onto the grout. Try not to spray too much. Use a nail brush or a small kitchen scrub brush and lightly scrub the grout. It works best with minimal pressure. On high traffic areas that have more dirt or spots that have a stain you can mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in a small bowl to form a paste. Use the paste with a toothbrush to scrub the hard spots. Its non toxic and you probably already have all the items in your house. It sounds labor intensive but once you get going you can do large areas at a time. The results are amazing!

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