Showerhead height

dcwesleyMarch 14, 2013

We are installing two Moen Velocity rainshower heads in our 3 x 5 foot shower. They have a lever to change from rain to spray. DH (recently reitred) is overseeing our contractor. I specifically mentioned to DH not to let the showerheads be mounted too high becuase I need to be able to reach the lever. The contractor ran the shower plumbing today. He said the showerheads, one mounted on each end wall, need to be high to be effective as "rain." Ay guidance on how high they should be?

One challenge is DH is 6-4 and I am 5-4. I thought about having them mounted at different heights, but don't think we would like the look.

The sheetrock will probably go up tomorrow. Help!!

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I think function trumps looks here. Mount them at different heights.

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Maybe you could mount them both on something like this articulating shower arm that adjusts up and down to your reference. Mount them at the same height and each of you adjust them to your desired spot.

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I don't have a rain shower head, just a Moen Kingsley shower head with a diverter to a hand shower. I am 5'6" and my significant other is 6'3", so we are close to the heights of you and your husband. I mounted the shower head pipe at 7' to make certain my significant other would not have to stoop under the shower head. The pipe comes out of the wall at 7', but the shower head itself is a little lower (maybe 6'8"-6'10" or so). The diverter valve is right above the shower head. So you should find out where the lever is in relation to the shower head. I can reach the diverter just fine, but my arm is nearly all the way extended. If we'd gone another 6" higher, I probably wouldn't be able to reach.

I would suggest you stand on the floor and raise your arm all the way up until it's as tall as you can comfortably get (to reach a lever). Then ask your husband to measure from the floor to your hand. Provide that measurement to your plumber and explain that the lever must be no higher than that.

Alternatively, you could follow catbuilder's suggestion to mount the heads at different heights.

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