St Patrick's Day Table and Mantel

nana2010_gwMarch 16, 2011

Finally got my St. Patrick's Day Table done, and my DD was able to come up and post them for me. When I was putting it together I kept thinking of the Irish ballad Forty Shades of Green. As you can see not everything is Kelly green. I planned to use a Leprechaun and his pot of gold, but he went on my mantel instead. The gold placemats are from Christmas several years ago. The clear green plates under the salad plates I've had for awhile. The ramekins and the plate under the CP are depression ware.

I just found out my camera has a zoom feature. so i took a picture of the detail on the boot. [I'm having too much fun]. The goblet and wine glass are similar but I had the wine glass and the goblet came from CTS. The sugar bowl and creamer, little harp and the stained glass Celtic Knot window hanging were gifts. I don't know if you can see the pattern on the table cloth which depicts symbols of Ireland.

This is the first time I decorated my mantel for St.Patrick's Day. King Brian was NOT in favor of having his Pot of Gold where anyone could see it. He likes being where he can keep an eye on things. so He went on the mantel.



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Ahhh, nana...I'm glad you kept King Brian happy & gave him a prominent spot on the mantle...he looks very good there! I also like the "harps" you used in your t'scape & mantle...lovely!

Your boot centerpc is beautiful & I am happy you found the "zoom" lens on your camera...they do come in handy! LOL! Your place settings look quite "grand" on those gold placemats! And I love the little creamer set...cute! TFS, nana & to your DD for helping you post pics! Jeanne S.

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The harps are wonderful, as well as the walking stick, Celtic Cross, and the pipe.
What is in the picture with the green background on your mantel?
Also, could you post a close up of the Irish plaque?

That little boot is tooo cute! Everything is put together so well, the dancers, the knot, the creamer and sugar, and the dishes! I sure wish we had CTS in CO!

Great job and that's no blarney, LOL


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You did a lovely job on your table nana.
You've collected some very pretty things. Some I recognize from
I like the soft colors you chose for your table and the layering of the depression glass plates and the ramekins.
That Celtic Knot and the boot are beautiful pieces too.
I agree with Jeanne..King Brian looks nice and happy up on your made a nice vignette for him.
Glad you found your 'zoom' ! lol

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Nana, love your table and mantel all decorated! You have so many neat things. Your shoe for the cp is wonderful. Great job with all your dishes, figurines and decorations on your table and mantel.


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Marlene Kindred

Great job Nana...your table is quite elegant all of your accessories there and your mantel is lovely too. Very cool DD just acquired one of those recently too.

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Love the boot centerpiece and how you layered all the dishes. The little laddy and lassie dancing are so cute too. Can't blame the king for wanting to guard his gold--I keep trying to guard mine too, but it keeps slipping away! LOL

Thanks for sharing such a pretty table with us.


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Not sure I know the Forty Shades of Green song, but the greens all work so well together that I might not have realized there were so many!

I love the mantel! Move over witches...the leprechaun king looks like he is there to stay.

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You have some wonderful things for St Paddy's! Tho I have to say, King Brian is my favorite. What a little character he is! I've looked at your pictures numerous times already.

hugs, Karen

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Your decorations are lovely. I agree with what everyone has said. - Marylee

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Thank you every one for your wonderful comments. When my DD suggested I do a St. Patrick's Day Table I didn't think I had enough things to do one. But after shopping around the house I just had to buy a few accessories.

Jeanne and Jane, I had to keep King Brian happy, who knows what mischief he would have caused if he didn't get his way LOL!!

Candy, I apologize for not taking the time to describe the things on the mantel. It is a St. Brigid's Cross that I mounted and framed. The other piece is actually a book "So You Think You're Irish" written by Margaret Kelleher.
The clay pipe is from my DS's collection. the Celtic Cross and Harp were gifted to my DH. I believe the Shillelagh is the one he brought back from Ireland.

Luvs, Punk and Jane, That little boot came with a fresh flower arrangement in it years ago. I keep it on a shelf in my kitchen.

Elmaly, I didn't know anyone remembered my "Thirteen Witches" I hope they and the Leprechaun King will get along.

Karen, I'm glad you looked at my pictures more than once. I do that as well. I'm really in awe of the talent here. I must say Looking at all the St. Paddy's Decor t'was grand altogether.
Thanks again everyone.

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Nana, I love your shamrock ware and pretty green glasses!
I hope you had a grand day!

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