Car Wax,For Tub& Appliances

bulldinkieFebruary 24, 2012

I used turtle wax on appliances & tub,they look brand new it helps spills,spots...

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I used to use paste wax on my old pink Formica bathroom (original from 1950's). This is a great tip. Wax makes surfaces waterproof, also drys to a nice shine.

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How clever! Could I use Turtle Wax on a ceramic tub? How about fiberglass?

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Most auto waxes contain other stuff including silicone .
Does it make it slippery under foot ??

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I used auto wax for years. Yes it makes the floor slippery. The first time I fell and banged my head. I've been a cranky, ill tempered curmudgeon ever since.

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I dont do the floor,But it really makes the fiberglass tub pretty ,protects it very well.

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