March Birthday Table & Easter Tree

nana2010_gwMarch 29, 2011

I did this table for my DSIL and DD who have March Bdays. My DD's is on Thursday she and Karen share the same BD.

The best part of doing this table was that I had mostly everything. The dishes are Mikasa I got them at a TS about 4 yrs ago. I inherited plates with the daffodils and the basket is from my collection. My DF lent me the little shoe. Placemats are from CTS. I used silk jonquils because I couldn't find any nice fresh ones.

I'm going to post some of my Easter decs in another post, but I added my tree to this one so it wouldn't get too busy.

Happy Birthday to all the enablers here who celebrate March Birthdays.



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Nana, this is such a pretty table too. Your place mats are just like my red and green ones in blue. This is such a pretty shade of blue. The cp vase is pretty and love the shoe you borrowed from DF.

I really like the way you layered your tc's on this table. The Mikasa plates are so pretty but I love the inherited plates with the daffodils and your pretty basket.

Stemware looks lit up again on the bottoms and I love that. The blue gems are nice around you cp and candles? What a wonderful table to wish all a Happy Birthday. I'd like to wish all the March BDayers Happy Birthday too.

Your Easter tree is so cute. Did you make this or buy it? Can hardly wait to see more of your decorations.


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I agree with Punk. That is a beautiful shade of blue.
The table is lovely, the glass basket is gorgeous, and the crocheted doilies really set off your place settings!
Lucky you to inherit such pretty plates.

I like your Easter tree also.

Everything is perfect.


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nana what a lovely table. I love EVERYTHING! The colors 'speak to me' - Spring. To start, your tablecloth is beautiful and the daffidol plates are very pretty. I like how you layered them with the blue Mikasas and the CTS placemats (which I love).
That floral vase is beautiful and the flowers work well with them. I think you did a great job on the Easter Tree..I like the bunny couple below. Did you cut a branch to make the tree or did you buy it? I've used cut branches in the past, but it's hard to find the right size and shape..your's looks perfect.


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Ditto on what the others said. That blue is SO pretty, and the high heel shoe is a cute touch. Those plates are perfect for this table.
And of course I love the Easter Tree. Like Jane, I don't see branches that would work around here. Could be the lack of the trees tho. LOL. Palms don't work.

hugs, Karen

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Oh, another CTS item!!! (envying here!) Love that crocheted placemat (like punk just used on a table)! And the layered plates look beautiful! And the inherited daffodil plates just make the whole placesetting SHOUT SPRING!!! Love the linens you used, too...the white is beautiful with the teal or soft aqua or whatever color.

I think you need my teacups to go with this table (or coffee cup)...probably DD & DSIL doesn't need cups. What do you think, nana? Anyway, I've been on the outlook for plates of your color!

Your Easter egg tree is, lots of eggs...that must take awhile hanging all those...& the basket base looks good! TFS, nana...I love your b'day t'scape! Jeanne S.

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Oh the daffodil plates are beautiful and that robins' egg blue is so lovely. Your centerpiece jar is unusual, looks great with the flowers in it. Those placemats look like the ones Punk has, where are y'all finding them, I want some. Looks like they are in very a very Happy B'day. Mr and Mrs Bunny add a lot to your Easter tree, very nice.

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Well I just lost my entire post!!! How in the world do I do that???
Punk, I'm calling this blue Turquoise since that is the birthstone for March. I like the way the flash makes the stems light up too. I added the gems for more sparkle. The Tree is a White Birch branch. I've been using for years, it's really brittle now and will need to be replaced soon.
Candy the crocheted placemats are vinyl and came from CTS, I think Michaels has them also.
Jane, These colors speak to me as well they are so Springy.
and I love pastels. I used the daffodils and jonquils because they are the flower for March.
Karen, I think that little shoe is cute, and I thank my DF for lending it to me.
Jeanne, Those cups absolutely belong with my plates!!! they would be perfect for whimsical Spring Tea Party. Gosh it would be fun to get together and see what we could come up with....Where is that bus when you need it???... My tree does take a while to decorate, especially since I decide to move to another location AFTER it is trimmed!
Frou, The placemats came from CTS, but I think Michaels has them too. I found Mr and Mrs. Bunny this year I think they are the right size to go with the tree.
I'm glad you all enjoyed my pictures. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

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Marlene Kindred

Your table is so lovely! LOVE the color of spring blue and the daffodil plates are beautiful! The centerpiece container is very pretty as the placemats like everyone else does! Such an inviting table Nana!

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The lace tablecover over the pretty blue tablecloth looks so pretty. Those daffodil plates couldn't be any more perfect for Spring! I have a little ceramic shoe similar to that! It helps make your table look just a touch more feminine, and your basket is so pretty too. Very nice table, Nana, any birthday gal would feel very special sitting there. ;o)


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I just sign up so I can keep of with all the new posting. I love blue and yellow, so the March table was perfect. I was very amused be the bunnies being chanced by the bears.

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Very pretty, love the colors.! Tree is wonderful too!
I got the mats too, in yellow and green. :)

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