stainless steel fridge streak line?

jalkFebruary 23, 2009


My 7 month ss fridge has a line - looks like a drip and i cannot get it off! any suggestions for how to make it go away? i am so upset and feel like i have ruined this new appliance! hence, finally mustering up the courage to write. argh. ss ...


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You might try Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish. We've tried several SS polishes over the years on our kitchen appliances, and this one is the best so far. WalMart has it.

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I too had streaks from my water dispenser running down the fridge door and thought they were permanent. I got some SS wipes at Bed, Bath & Beyond called "Hope's Perfect Stainless" for $4.99 and they got rid of them instantly.

I had bought more expensive wipes from Restoration Hardware a few months before and they were horrible - did not remove the streaks and left new ones so I returned them to RH.

It might take a few tries to find the right wipes that work on your fridge but keep trying- it will be worth it!

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I have never used it my self, but the sales person where we purchased all our SS appliances from told me they used WD- 40 spray on all their SS in the show room. He said it protects the stainless , takes marks out and after in "cures" for a few days. It is easy to buff out finger prints and marks with just a cloth and keep them clean... I was tempted to give it a try, but I havenÂt.. I can tell you in the show room the stainless is immaculate and shiny might be worth a shot,
anyone else ever heard of this??

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I had the same problem and just went and used Barkeepers Friend that someone posted on another thread about cleaning SS. It worked wonders and I didn't even have to break a sweat! Don't bother with all those other SS cleaners! I just tossed all mine in the trash and can't believe the hours I have spent sitting in the floor trying to clean my SS fridge!

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No scratching? did you use a sponge?? I normally use my steamer and a microfiber beautiful, but it's hard to get out water marks..lots of rubbing.

Thanks for the great tip!

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reeree--NO scratching! I really was surprised. I first tried in on the inside part of the door where the 2 doors meet just to make sure, because I was kind of worried about it and I couldn't believe how well it did on that part, so I went for it and did the outside. I kind of thought if it messed it up, it couldn't look any worse than it already did, but it looks great. No scratching at all. I didn't rub hard either, just gently wiped it on using a wet rag with the barkeepers friend sprinkled on it and then took a clean, wet rag and wiped it off and then dried it with another rag. I didn't even use a microfiber cloth either, just some old ones I have laying around that I use for dirty jobs.

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I used WD40 to clean my son's stainless steel refrigerator and it worked great. Drips and sticky fingerprints were all over the door.

Be sure and put WD40 on a soft cloth to clean. Do not spray directly onto the refrigerator or there will be additional clean streaks.

Use a clean soft cloth to polish after cleaning.

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Thanks msjay

that is a great tip! I do use the product, never tried it on the SS..I am going to be brave just as you were! lol!
Thanks again, Ree

Krissie Thanks for sharing about the wd -40 .. I might get brave and try that too... I wonder who ever thought of taking that out of the garage and clean their SS with it... :)

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WD-40 does work great on SS. The only thing you need to remember is that a little goes a long way!

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I thought I had ruined the stainless steel finish on my refrigerator with a cleaner I purchased at Home Depot which streaked horribly. I took the advise of a couple of you who suggested I try WD - 40 spray and it worked beautifully! All of the streaks are gone and the finish looks beautifu. Thank you so much!

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Glad to hear someone else had the courage to use Barkeeper's Friend on SS! We have a stainless steel backsplash behind the rangetop that I usually keep spotlessly clean with SS Magic. It works well to get rid of any grease, without leaving streaks. However, after a particularly hard session of cooking, some grease had gotten baked on behind a rear burner. You know the turns yellow and looks like caramelized sugar, hardens, and is impossible to get off.

Out of frustration I tried BK Friend, which I use for the SS sinks. I was very careful to use plenty of water in the sponge, and also go with the grain of the metal. We had the backsplash done with a brushed #4, which matches most appliances. To my surprise, the baked on grease came right off and there were no scratches on the metal. Now, I can't say that if you went across the grain or in circles something might happen...but if you're really careful to follow the grain without pushing excessively hard on the sponge you shouldn't get swirl patterns.

I've not seen any scratches yet on my SS sinks which have been in place for 4 years now. I did read on the container for BK that is contains a "mild abrasive" so I would still be very careful about using it on a brushed stainless finish.

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Bar Keeper's friend: They make a few products. How do I know what to buy for which appliance? Can the big can (of powder) be used for anything? I went on Amazon and I can purchase all 3 but is that necessary? Looking to clean cooktop with lots of cooked on grease. Also, bathrooms with red water marks on biscuit colored fixtures.

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I used the regular Bar Keeper's in the gold can. I also use it to clean the Wolf rangetop's burner pans, which are black enameled steel. I take them off, put them in the sink, spray them with degreaser such as Windex, let it sit fof 5 minutes, then scrub with BK. Rinse with hot water and dry with a clean soft cloth. No scratches, and the finish is bright and shiny like new.

One thing won't get rid of the super baked on stains from the high heat of the frequently used burners. I've resigned myself to the fact that I can't get them totally spotlessly clean like new. Even oven cleaner doesn't dissolved the cooked on splatters.

Someone mentioned a possible solution would be to put the pans in a large plastic garbage bag, pour in a bunch of ammonia, tie up the bag, let it sit overnight, then scrub and rinse.

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Help with Stainless Steel and streaks on all my appliances.
I have streaks, little circles and fine lines on my Kitchen Aid Micro, glass top stove, dishwasher and fridge. These appliances are 5 years old and I am very disappointed that I spent over $7,000 and have to accept this poor finish.

I have tried numerous cleaners but they won't put the finnish back on the marks. It looks like the finnish is defective.

I am thinking of taking on Sears or Kitchen Aid to get new doors on each appliance. What's your opinion everyone, am I dreaming that they may help me?

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I have tried the WD-40 and it works great to give that after cleaning shine and remove any streaks but will not remove water stains. Still trying to fix that. I have purchased two large spay cans of WD for outdoor SS appliances and indoor. It works great for a clean shine.

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Ladies, thank you so much for the great information on cleaning my stainless steel door on my refrigerator. I also thought I ruined the finish, had shinny areas and then the brush finish. I took a stab at the Bartenders as I do use them on my stainless steel pans and oh my gosh, the black dirt and grim that came off took a few times, but now that side is just beautiful and this is what I will use and now I will finish the fridge, but wanted to tell you all, this is great.

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Use BRASSO to get rid of water stains or stains in general on brushed stainless steel refrigerator doors. WD is good for a shinny finish but it only conceals the stain but does not remove it. Brasso definitely takes it away.

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I had a chemical reaction of the VooDoo scary happen on my fridge. I had tried a few 'stainless' cleaners that were toxic and awful. And some other things simultaneously that made black blue streaks all over and so much worse. Took a deep breath and walked away. I used a damp cloth with a puff of BonAmi powder and rubbed with the stainless grain for a few minutes, then a clean damp cotton cloth, then a clean dry cloth. Pheww. No toxic cleaners needed and now two years later, no chemicals needed. I suppose wd40 would be an ok thin sealer, but it is toxic to breath as an often used kitchen product. Once cleaned of streaks and fingerprints, would not just a mineral oil be just fine?

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Baby oil.

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