Quick tip for cleaning chrome bathroom fixtures.

cream_pleaseFebruary 12, 2009

This works.

Next time you want to do a quick spot removal from your chrome fixtures do this:

Dampen a corner of your wash cloth (the one you're going to launder anyway).

Then rub it across the bar of soap.

Next rub, rub, rub off the water spots.

To get the shine, just use the dry portion of the wash cloth.

Not for regular cleaning, but when you've got to shine it up in a hurry.


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So, you don't rinse the soap off the chrome, you just wipe it off?

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That's correct. The soap almost acts like a paste polish.
As I said, just for a quick shine. But it really does work.
Let me know if you give it a try. (:

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If it is true chrome, buffing with the shinny side of tin foil will work. Takes love bugs off of chrome on auto great. Just wet a little and make sure you are buffing with shinny side out.

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I soak paper towels in white vinegar and then wrap the stainless fixtures (bathroom & kitchen) with them. The soppy towels fit exactly to the contours of the fixtures. I leave them on overnight, take off next day and dry & buff the stainless with a clean, non-linty cloth.

This method works very well for getting all the scummy stuff out from between the fixtures and the wall behind them.

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