Cleaning Lampshades

ChessendenFebruary 6, 2013

Has anyone had any luck cleaning fly specks off of cloth lampshades? I am worried anything I might use will leave a ring or different coloured area where I wash. I live on a cattle farm and flies are unbelievable in every season - the bane of my existence.

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Sounds awful. Aside from vacuuming with an upholstery brush, which I'm sure you do anyway, I don't have any suggestions. They do sell special lamoshade sponges that are used dry, but I haven't tried them. I've included a link to one product.

However, if there's no hope of ever reducing the fly population (flypaper?), you might consider gradually moving to lamps that take non-fabric shades, such as glass, metal, mica, etc. Even without flies to worry about, fabric lampshades are generally fragile, and they're expensive to replace. Just a thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lampshade Cleaner Sponge

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No offense but I can't imagine having flies in the house and not chasing them all down. I would have made sure the screens were all good and would have been yelling "close the d+++ door" all day. LOL

My husband's sister in law didn't worry about them. I hate flies and dreaded eating at their farm. For the most part the wife just thought they were part of living on a farm and nothing could be done about it.

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