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VengeFulHemiFebruary 25, 2012

Hello All:

I want to powerwash my roof(tiled). I don't want to use my city water because it would be really expensive and I would not have enough pressure to supply the inlet to the powerwasher. Here is what I would like to do, but I am confused on one thing. We had a well system installed in 05 and we have a 4 zone system with a 1hp pump(53gpm). The way the installers setup the system is that I can hook my garden hose into a spigot that the sprinkler company put inline with the system(thus being able to water plants or whatever with well water). But I cannot seperate running a zone without also using the well water spigot. The issue that I will have is that I dont want to water a zone(for a long time and creating a flood) while being on the roof with the powerwasher(I will be up there a long time, I got a big roof). I had two thoughts:

1- Can I just put a heavy object on each head of the one particular zone that I run(while powerwashing) and not water the lawn? Or will that damage my system?

2- Would I be able to disconnect the electrical connection at the valve for a particular zone then run the pump (manually) for that zone and no water to that zone, but to my powerwasher?

I have a generac 2700psi pw that is a 2.7gpm. Being that my pw is 2.7gpm, and the well pump supplies 53gpm, would I damage my pw with the well pump constantly supplying the 53gpm to the pw. Many thanks to all.


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