Cleaning off burnt on food on burner bibs

arkansas_girlFebruary 4, 2007

I'm sure this probably has been talked about before but here the heck do you clean those electric stove stainless burner pans that get grease burned on them the first time you use them...HAHA! Even an Steel wool pad doesn't get it off?

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Place burner pans in a garbage bag (outside) and pour some ammonia in them, close wire bag and leave overnight. Next day, carefully open bag (fumes will be very strong), remove pans, wash with soap and water (use steel wool pad if necessary). Ammonia loosens the burned on grease.

To prevent grease from burning on, use Fuller Brush Oven Spray on the pans after washing/drying. This will keep grease from sticking to the pans, makes easier to clean. SPRAY PANS OUTSIDE to prevent kitchen floor from becoming slick as glass.

Porcelain pans are easier to clean than stainless steel.

It is not necessary to use oven spray every day on the pans, a simple wipe out of the pans will work for a long time.

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Or you can buy replacements in almost any kitchen dept.

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Yeah well I know that replacements are pretty cheap and easy to find but it seems like even if one thing spills over and since the burner is most likely on at the time...the food will be burned on from then on. Nearly impossible to get off.

I'll try the ammonia and I like the sounds of that pre-treatment stuff! That sounds like the true answer! Is that a product that's only available on-line? I think the only place I've seen any Fuller Brush stuff is on one of those shopping shows.

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If you do not find a Fuller Brush rep in your area, I believe you can order from the internet. You might check stores and see if they sell something similar.

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When this happens to me I soak the pan in hot soapy water, maybe over night.

Then scrub with soft scrub and a no scratch pad.

I run the pans and grates through the d/w at least once a week, depending on how much I cook.


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Plain 'ol oven spray will work.

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I second the oven spray. I use the "no fume" kind. I let it sit for a bit. What the oven spray doesn't get off - a "magic eraser" sponge does.

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I soak mine in hot soapy water, then, put them in the bottom of sink and sprinkle with baking soda, after baking soda has set for a minute or two, I pour on vinegar. It foams up and seems to loosen the burn. I return them to hot soapy water for a nice long soak, and they are clean. rarely do i have to scrub.

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