Battle of floorplan review ......charge

IbewyeMarch 29, 2012

Round 2:

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb floorplan critique

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My immediate reaction upon opening your file: Way way way too much space given over to hallways!

Other thoughts:

Not enough aisle space between refrigerator and kitchen island.

Not enough room around dining room table...especially since patio doors are behind table. BTW, does your jurisdiction allow out-swinging exterior doors. Some places don't allow them.

Weird shaped master bedroom with tiny squeeze thru between wall and one end of the bed leading to tiny (practically useless) little bump-out on right side of bedroom. Doesn't give you many options for arranging furniture AND it looks like you can't even center the bed between the windows without making it impossible to even squeeze thru to the right side of the bed. Bed will look awful is placed as you show it (i.e., almost, but not quite, centered on the windows.)

Poorly designed master closet with most of hanging rod area blocked by shelving or whatever that brown thing is.

Entry closet appears too shallow to hang anything up in - a reach in closet needs to be 24" deep.

Winder staircases (even when designed and built to code) are more dangerous than non-winder staircases. If you can't fit in enough risers in the space available for a U staircase without resorting to winders, it would be better to use either an L or a straight run staircase.

Guests entering the home face a very uninviting view of the back side of the staircase or, if staircase is enclosed, they'll face a blank wall.

Sorry but if it were me, I'd start over.

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So sorry...I have to agree with bevangel. I know you worked hard on this so I hate to be critical. It looks like you have the ideas clearly laid out, which is half the battle.

I think you should look up a plan that you like in general and rework it based on its flow. That is the hard part of doing this from scratch if you don't have a background in this. The ideas will lack fundamentals and even meet code.

Summerfield may be able to get this where you want it.

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