Cleaning white wood blinds

Janice742February 19, 2013

We have over 50 double windows in our home - and they all have white wood blinds.

I try to keep up with them... but there are rooms that get neglected.

Some are rather dusty. Should I just take a very damp "old white tee-shirt" rag and use this?

I just don't want the white cords to become stained from any wiping.

Can also vacuum, but when I tried the damp cloth, this worked the best - but it is also very time consuming.

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I use a swiffer duster on mine, the yellow one on with the extension handle....It really does a good job with the dust. I do hand wash my blinds about twice a year. I just take like a mop bucket with warm water and Dawn Dishwashing liquid and use a wash cloth. It gets them really nice and clean with no residue and I have never had cords get stained from washing. It's not like you use it sopping wet... just wring the rag out and after a few slats swish it in the water, wring it out and continue...I just noticed today I need to do the same thing as you....

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