blue liquid coming out of shower head

cearabFebruary 21, 2012

I know this is going to sound a bit odd, but here goes. I have a Moen showerhead that is suddenly leaking some type of almost turquoise colored liquid. Let me back it up a bit. Every 8 months or so, I soak my showerhead in CLR by putting the liquid in a plastic bag and duct taping the bag onto the shower head for several hours. This is to clean out the shower head, which gets clogged because of our water. It seems to work well. However, for the past few months, the showerhead seems to have one stream only (hard when it hits your body), and turning the dial on the shower head to change the stream does nothing. Also, I noticed that the shower makes kind of a screeching noise when I have it on taking a shower (noise is loud enough to drive my dog crazy and can be heard outside the door). Last night, I fooled around with the showerhead knob that adjusts the spray and finally got it to move a litte bit. I noticed there is a bluish build-up on the showerhead where the water streams out. I was planning on soaking the shower head in vinegar overnight tonight. Just a while ago I went into the bathroom and when I opened the shower curtain, noticed almost a turquoise ring in the drain. Also my bath puff which I hang from the shower control was stained with some more of this turquoise colored liquid. I do not use anything blue colored in my shower (soap, shampoo, cleaner etc). I looked again at the shower head and could tell this is where the blue liquid leaked from. The nozzle was very blue, and again almost a turquoise color. Any idea what this could possibly be? I've never seen anything like this before. I was planning on using the vinegar to soak the showerhead tonight because I am out of the CLR, and figured this was more eco-friendly.


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I wonder whether the CLR has reacted with metal in the shower head to produce the blue color. You might want to post this on the plumbing forum.

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