Another question - how to support Pex between studs?

2ajsmamaMarch 14, 2012

Had to add supply lines in powder room where builder didn't put them in. Stud in 36" wide wall to right of waste - so I cut drywall to right of the stud, drilled down through 2x4 and plywood about 3.5" to basement to run two 1/2" Pex lines to join where supplies are capped off in basement. BUT... b/c of floor joists, ductwork, etc. down below the 2 new lines ended up 4" to right and 9" to left respectively from nearest studs (with the waste on the other side of the left hand stud). Lines are just fed through to cut to length, not connected yet.

So how to I support these lines and make a nice 90 degree bend to come out of the wall? Drywall behind them (wet wall 4" deep in front of marriage wall of modular home), there could be 2x3s behind them somewhere but I have no idea where.

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The PEX does not come out of the wall.. You have to get PEX stubout fittings which have a copper bend that comes out of the wall and the PEX is connected inside the wall.

PEX may not be run where its exposed to light

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I have Pex coming out of wall in master bath behind vanity. They must have used elbows in the wall b/c they're on level horizontal. There will be a vanity here, so won't be exposed to light (for long). The question is, don't I need to anchor them to something?

Also, a little worried about putting a connection inside the wall - figures a straight run would be better, no chance of leaks. Could I put an elbow right at the drywall (going through the hole) to make the bend, allow enough "slack" to be able to pull the fitting out through if there was a leak?

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Pex can bend on its own without a fitting (6" radius for 1/2" Pex). That's one of the beauties of it!

It should be supported every 4' on a vertical run. You could cut a 1x4 to fit within the stud cavity, screwed to the studs at the backside of the cavity, behind the Pex. Then attach a connector to it, right before you start making the 90 degree bend.

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It will be supported in the basement, I found 1 stud behind the back drywall but it appears to be a 1x not a 2x! I've got some clamps tacked to it right now (red PEX had to be pushed over to the right a bit). Can I run the 1x vertically between the 2 PEX lines and clamp to that?

Since it's being clamped in the basement and there's less than a 3ft run, 1 clamp should be enough, then another at the elbow? By "connector" I assume you mean I should put in an elbow on each line, inside the wall, clamped to the 1x4 (how about 1x2 since I will have to fit it between the lines?) at the back of the cavity? Or did you mean "clamp" when you said "connector"?

I would love to just bend the PEX (6" radius for 4" deep wall) but then the shutoffs will kind of angle up and back toward the wall. I think I need to straighten them out a bit before I come out of the wall. What do you think of crimped (or push-fit Sharkbite) connections inside the wall? Asking for trouble?


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Obviously you really don't have a clue as to how PEX is to be run...I strongly suggest you download the "PEX Installation Handbook" and read it thoroughly before continuing on this project..

The book is free...

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No, I don't and my uncle who was going to be helping me has never worked with it either. Thanks for the link

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Once you get the hang of it PEX is rather easy to run, but I can assure you, when running PEX you have to be extremely attentive to detail.

I will give you a great hint that was given me by our local Plumbing inspector..."If you can see it without lifting a cover, opening a door or turning a light on, it won't pass inspection."

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My uncle just retired last year, was a town engineer and building inspector so I figured he knew how to run this even if he hadn't worked with it himself.

I've got the anchors worked out (will build out stud to the left to attach the hot water line and add the 1x2 between the lines to attach the cold water).

The PEX lines in master bath are inside vanity, only a couple inches sticking out but 5 yrs later we haven't put a countertop on yet. There is a window in opposite wall - hope these are OK. If not, could be bigger problem in basement (with 1 small east-facing window and a larger south-facing window in walkout), lots of exposed PEX down there and inspector never said anything when we got CO. My cousin had leftover PEX I used here stored in his garage for a year - not sure they were under cover.

The powder room that I just ran these lines in has no window, I will be patching the wall and putting vanity in front, not planning on leaving it like this.

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