Cannisters ... HELLLPPP!

cciaffoneFebruary 2, 2009

Still looking to replace my aged Eureka World Vac.

Really like the look and feel of the Miele 5 series.

Really do NOT like the look, feel, and sales force

behind the Kenmore vacs.

But made the mistake (!) of looking at the 2009

Consumer Reports booklet where they rate Kenmore,

Hoover Bagless, and Electrolux Oxygen above any Miele.

I am looking for well built, cleans well, well

made, ease of use, etc.

But if a bagless will save me a hundred a year in bags,

how can this be wrong??

Gimme some sense here?

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I have a bagless Bissell upright I ordered from Target, under $200 I think, and it cleans great. The first time I usaed it, even now, I'm amazed at the dirt and dust it picks up.

It's extremely easy to use. I used to have canister vacuums but they were a pain to drag around.

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I have a Miele Aquarius and I love it! Prior to that I had an Electrolux Oxygen canister and a Dyson Animal upright. Neither of those prior vacuums was in the same league as the Miele.

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Did the Animal do a good job on spiders?

We have a Miele for the ground floor and Dysons for the basement and second floor. Waiting for one of the Dysons to die so we can get another Miele.

FWIW, our carpet installation guys are Kirby fans.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That's cute!

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First, it sounds like you are looking for a perfect vacuum cleaner, at a low price. There are no perfect vacuum cleaners. Every model is going to have some drawback. You just have to figure out what is more important to you.

Price should not be a large factor when searching for a vacuum cleaner. Now I do understand if there is a limited budget.

Where are you getting over $100 per year for bags? Are you going to be changing them every week? Even if you purchase Miele bags and change them every month, it should cost you under $50. How often do you change the bag on your Eureka World Vac canister?

If you do not want to pay the price of the Miele, take a look at the Hoover Windtunnel Anniversary model S3670 canister with power nozzle. It looks very similar to the Miele's S5 series. It has a good power nozzle and floor brush. Very good filtration and quiet. It has a very good warranty of 3yrs. You can find it for $300, but you can get it for less with discounts. The bags will cost about the same as Miele. The power nozzle belt will have to be changed on the Hoover, but it usually last about one year. The Miele power nozzle belt will not need to be changed for many years.

Take a look at Simplicity and Riccar. These two brands are only available in vacuum shops. They can run around the same price as Mieles. It all depends on which model.

There are other Miele models out there and other vacuum cleaner brands out there, that would work for you.

Do not find a vacuum cleaner by looking at Consumer Reports. Only look at it when you want to see which brand or model has what feature. They do not even mention all models of a brand. Nor to they mention every brand out there.

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I like a Eureka Mighty Mite.....strong suction, light weight and very loud!
But for rugs I really love my ancient Hoover.
Linda c

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The cost is not a biggie, and so far I favor the Miele
S5 series. The one I like is about $700. But, for that
much money, will it improve on the World Vac??

I am not concerned with noise or filtration. I just
want a vac that a) sucks really well, and b) lasts
a long time. The World Vac has done that. Yah it's
noisy and does little if any filtering, but it handles
a and b really well. It's just getting really old.
I have replaced the motor once already, and spare
parts are getting hard to find.

So, will the Miele improve on durability and cleaning power
over the World Vac???

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No vacuum cleaner is free of repairs. The Miele is a vacuum cleaner that can last for 20 years, but there may be periodic repairs made like a new cord or a new belt. You just do not want a vacuum cleaner that will die after 3 years, then you dispose of it.

Your Eureka, if it is the model I am thinking of, was the cheaper canister with power nozzle. I thought it was a bad vacuum cleaner. Cheaply made, not so great power nozzle and very loud. So yes, the Miele will be a big upgrade to what you are using now. The turbo brush will not be as aggressive as the Eureka power nozzle you have. I am not a fan of turbo brushes unless they are used on oriental rugs. I like the separate electric-powered nozzle.

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