If you had your choice with a large budget, which appliance?

PattyjillMarch 3, 2013

I am having such a hard time trying to figure out which appliances I want to go with. At first I was interested in the Jennair line since they are offering a great deal. But then I started researching and find that Jennair isn't quite the best.

I went out again today looking and I'm thinking I would love the Meile 36 inch refrig, Bosch DW, Thermador oven and maybe the Wolf 36 inch range top.

If you had your pick and were doing a complete renovation of your kitchen, what would you pick???


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With no constraints I'd get a Sub-Zero fridge and Mele DW. If I wanted a range, I'd look at Bluestar, Capital Culinarian for open burners or Wolf , DCS for sealed burners. Personally, I like the double stacked sealed burners of DCS (which I have now) and Wolf because of the incredible simmer on all burners.

If I wanted a cooktop/rangetop and double ovens, I'd get Wolf ovens and consider the above 4 range choices for the cooktop/rangetop.

If you want to go really high end on the range, you could look at the French ranges La Cornue or Morice.

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Miele DW, Gagg oven below an AEG zoneless induction cooktop and a Liebherr frig.

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Second the AEG zoneless induction. I wanted a stainless side swing or french door oven. American Range and Gaggenau make them, I think.

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SubZero fridge, Miehle DW, 60" dual fuel Wolf range

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I was faced with exactly the same situation 10 months ago. I hadn't seen GW and started out with a mixed brand approach and a medium but limited budget. It turned out Gaggenau had a package deal going and that the appliance dealer had an arrangement with our cabinet maker for reduced prices on packages. Long story short, ended up with all Gag for way less than other options - less than 40% of list. Double oven, frameless induction cooktop, major venting, dishwasher, 30" fridge and 18" separate freezer.

Yup, perhaps nobody does everything best, but you'd be hard pressed to fault any part of this solution.

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I really love my subzero fridge. My son left a bowl of rice uncovered and it didn't dry out for 2 days. I finally got sick of looking at it and threw it out. My fruit stays fresh much longer than it did in my old Viking.

I have the Miele DW and it is great. I loved my old old kitchen aid, but the one I got after it didn't work so well.

I went with a Lacanche range. My only change would be to get two simmer burners instead of just one.

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If budget was no object---a professional live in chef with an actual chef's kitchen. Maybe Tyler Florence or one of the new crop of young hunky guys.

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A big row of Gaggenau modular cooktops (including stuff like the steamer, fryer, and griddle), the Gaggenau zoneless induction cooktop, a CookTek induction wok hob, a wood burning indoor grill (as seen in restaurants), a wood-burning pizza oven, a Wolf steam oven, a pair of Electrolux Icon wall ovens (I haven't seen any that I like better at any price), an Advantium speed oven, SZ or Thermador refrigeration, a Miele DW.

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Fridge Sub-Zero or Gaggenau

Wall Oven Gaggenau or Wolf

Rangetop Capital Culinarian

Dishwasher Miele

Definitely skip Thermador Oven.

If you wanted to go crazy with the budget I would look at Molteni ranges and rangetops.

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Gaggenau oven and separate Gaggenau combi steamer. Gaggenau fridge and separate freezer. I am looking at the cooktek induction wok. Go with the Miele dw and the AEG cooktop.

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I am bemused by all the people here pushing the AEG "zoneless" (it isn't) cooktop. I suspect I am the only person here who has actually read the manual for that unit. Most important fact: it only allows three pans at a time.

The Thermador/Gaggenau zoneless (it is) does at least allow four pans. From what I have read, it is superior in all ways, except it has no "stop/go" function, and it costs way more/insanely way more.

Here is a link that might be useful: AEG 36

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LWO: Regarding the chef, now that is thinking out of the box! Why stop there... get the butler and separate pastry chef (I demand perfection in my morning croissants). Though I would personally go for skill over looks for the cooking pros...

Are we talking unlimited or just higher? Because unlimited budget and space I could come up with every scenario under the sun -- cause I really need that built-in Miele deep fat fryer and an immersion circulator :). Oh and a Miele coffee maker, cup warming drawer, and fridge drawer for my milk.

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Which Gaggenau oven? and why that one? What would you bake in it?

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Oh Please help me too!! Here's what I'm looking for:(keep reading-I'm not just style-I need substance too!)
1) a french-style range-love the visuals and need the drama for our remodel-I want the stove to be the focal point. Seriously, if I'm going to sell my soul for a kitchen, it better ROCK! La Cornue, while gorgeous, is out because of the small oven size (yes, I know it's supposed to cook better, but I cater sometimes, have a family the size of a barge, and can/dehydrate/cook like a crazy woman)-don't care about a turkey in there(we live in Cali and usually do Mr./Mrs. Turkey on the grill, which is also HUGE), but also need to consider resale value, and a tiny oven isn't gonna cut it.)
2)Has to come in colors(see above). Like green, or red. Or purple.
3) Must perform-lest anyone think I'm "looks not cooks", it's the other way around-it's all about the BTU's, the configuration, the functionality, and the positive consumer and trade reviews. I work as a private chef and cater occasionally.
4) I need two ovens, and want a coup de fou(sp?) aka french top.I am SOOO in love with this thing!
5) Would love a few other options, such as a warming oven, plancha etc. Lusting for a Bain Marie...and a deep fryer..not that I need any more fat LOL!!
I've looked at Lacanche-love everything about it except for the oven height-it's only 12 ish inches tall, which means I can't do any vertical roasting (Could pick one of their units that has a vertical oven , but still!!!_12 inches tall??? And those silly drawers on the bottom-couldn't they reconfigure those into broilers on the top?
Then there's Molteni-weird website(would be neat if they had a "configurator" with quotes), but cool stoves. I think I may be looking at a made-to-measure stove there, but have no idea what price point I'm staring at.(well, I kinda do..-LOTS-but how much different than what I'm already looking at??)
Rorgue-great product, but no visual/romantic esthetic.
Just heard about Officine Gullo and am impressed with the blend of solid handcrafted build quality combined with Old World styling, but can't seem to find any actual reviews of the item-according to the rep I spoke with, they're just penetrating the US market.
They have plans to open showrooms in key regional markets, but so far, the only way to see a OG outside of a picture is in their Miami showroom. Other showrooms slated to open at the end of this year.
In defense of this company, they are willing to build me what I want however I want it and although not the cheapest game in town, so far it seems still within the high-end ball park, plus they've been in business over 70 years.
Lacanche and several others have a HUGE up-charge for certain colors-OG has a broader "base color range" and that saves me close to 2K, plus a close to 2K shipping fee, depending on whether you select air or sea freight..
I'm not rich, but have come into a moderate inheritance and hope, after suffering with hand-me-down everything and going to second hand/clearance stores to furnish our home/kids/life that just once I can have something amazing, new and completely bomb.Help me make a dream idea come true!

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I'm getting Jenn Air appliances this remodel. Last time I had a KA oven and built-in fridge, Dacor electric cooktop and hood, F&P Dishdrawers.

I liked all of them except the Dacor electric cooktop (no gas, unfortunately).

If money were no object, I'd get a Wolfe wall oven, but stick with the other Jenn Air appliances. I love the DishDrawers and will never get another type of dishwasher. I've heard Sub-Zero fridges are better than Whirlpool-built ones, but I loved my old KA built-in fridge, and can't imagine the Sub-Z could be any better. Plus the KA was silent, and I've read the Sub-Z's are not. The Miele fridge I'm getting looks similar to my old KA, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I just can't imagine spending a ton of money on appliances -- $50K for a range? No way. If I had gas I'd go with Viking or Thermador for the cooktop, but still Wolfe for the wall oven.

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you should probably start your own thread rather than zombie this one.

A lot of people have checked out of this thread and simply won't click again.

baltomom-- It is Wolf not Wolfe.

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