Bathroom paint color ... hate it!

rufinoroxMarch 2, 2012

I knew when it was time to choose a paint color I was going to have a tough time. My husband wanted dark and I thought going lighter would be better. So I went a shade lighter than what we agreed on, now I hate it. Its a nice color, but it doesn't go with the wall tile. My DH won't paint it again, since he's been working on this demo for 2 weekends straight. He asked me to wait until I have the BR decorated and shower curtain hung. BUT I feel a knot in my stomach over it. I know its just paint, but everything has been looking so good and to be disappointed by this paint color is frustrating.

So when I convince him to re paint what color do you suggest I go with? I wish I had someone with photshop to see what it could look like.

Here are pictures with BM Shabby Chic

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It seems like more yellow undertones or a bit of an accent rather than match is needed. I don't know if it is available in your area, but in our neck of the woods, if you buy a $75 sherwin Williams gift card, a color consultant will come out and help evaluate in your light conditions, etc. He/she also had like 4x4 swatches to evaluate. This has come in handy for us. Good luck. You are almost there!

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The images arent so clear, the tiles are more of a beige than what they appear. I have to look into SW- I wish I had known before I had decided on a color. I guess it's just paint it can be re painted. Thanks for the info.

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We went through a color consultant and who helped pick a color. After we painted, we hated the color at first. It was somewhat similar to yours, I believe. We thought of repainting, but then decided to wait until everything was in (mirror, plumbing fixtures, shower glass and light fixtures) to see how it looked. It does change the effect. Perhaps we just got used to it, but it looks fine now and we have no plans to repaint.

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"My DH won't paint it again, since he's been working on this demo for 2 weekends straight."

I've found the quickest, easiest way to get something done, without the hassle of arguing or trying to convince,is to do it myself! I once had to repaint our bathroom 3 times before I was completely happy with the shade. Sometimes even 4x4 test patches aren't very helpful! Too dark, too light, ahh just right! :) Happy painting!

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On my monitor, It looks like the walls color has pink undertones and your tiles are have yellow undertones. It might be difficult for accessories to tie the two together. Impossible to tell, though, without seeing it in person.

YOU can definitely paint the room yourself! I just painted our new bathroom twice. The first color was a soft gray, the second a light green. I was so aggravated with myself for choosing the wrong color in the first place, but so glad (now) I repainted it. YOU CAN DO THIS. If you don't feel confident in your cutting-in abilities, maybe your husband could do that part after you get all the setup done for him.

I think I already mentioned to you that BM Manchester Tan is a wonderful no-undertone tan. You could try a sample?

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I was just looking back and forth from my screen to my BM fan deck. If you want a deeper color, Decatur Buff and Shelburne Buff both have the yellowy-orangey tones that your tiles have. I couldn't find Shabby Chic to compare--maybe it is an Aura color, which I don't have.

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Lynne Reno

BM has a wonderful app for androids and iphones, you take a picture of tile or whatever it is you want to coordinate paint with and it shows you colors that are similar and colors that will work, I found it very helpful (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: BM color capture application

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Lynne Reno

I posted a link to Shabby Chic below, looks sort of pink to me

Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby Chic

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Shanghai mom - the color is an aura color. I download the apps for BM - thanks Lynn - and now I understand the difference in undertones. I wish I had know sooner. I'm looking at the fan deck now and shelbourne and Decatur are too gold in color for me, but I like Manchester tan.

I'm giving him a day or too to paint for me, otherwise I will go for it myself. Thanks!

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Please take a look at Glidden Professional (from their store). I really had much better luck with cleaner colors than BM.

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All you need to this problem is an expert that would really fit on the interior design of the bathroom. There are many colors that would suit to your existing tiles but maybe you don't like it. In contrast, there are also colors you like that is not suitable on your exiting bathroom just like the one you picked. It look nice on your bathroom but you definitely don't like it. An expert would really narrow your choices to come up with the best one.

And you mentioned of the shower curtains? I guess a bathroom shower enclosures is what you need to completely look your bathroom interior at its best! It is more advantageous than shower curtain. What I did next is I contacted an expert on what color would fit to my bathroom shower enclosures that will make it look elegant. I don't have any regrets until now because of my best choice with the help of an expert. I hope this help!

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom shower enclosures

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try a bit of Sherwin williams duration satin in Pavilion Beige (very slight olive green cast or Bungalow beige (slight grey cast) both would look great with your tile color. swatches with your light in the room would determine which is better. I have used both and they look great with your tile colors.

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YOU chose a color lighter than what HE wanted?
YOU made HIM put it on the wall also?
NOW you want HIM to re-do it?

I'd say it's about time you find yourself a some tape, a good brush, and a roller.

Seriously, A nice gesture would be to buy a quart of the color he wanted and paint one wall that color just to see what it looks like.

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I can't suggest an alternate color for you, but I can confirm that Shabby Chic (1018) is a Ben Moore Classic Color. Also, it's got a strong pink undertone; it's the color I have in my living room.

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Have you considered Shaker Beige or Bleeker Beige? We painted poster board in both of these and held them up with the tile in different lighting. Much better than a tiny swatch.

Shaker Beige is pretty neutral.

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Ok it's happening! My DH called me today and said pick a color. Now under pressure I need suggestions again before I lose it. Why light cream colors would you choose?? Im thinking creams.

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Take a piece of tile to the paint store and really look at the colors you like with your other color elements in the room. The color of the paint in your post reads way wrong with the tile. When you look at light colors look at the ingredients that make up the paint. I think they need to be similar to what you have in the tile. Go to a paint shop that has experienced color people and they should be able to steer you in the right direction. Another option is to post this query over on the decorating forum. They have a lot of color experience over there I am told.

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I'm taking my time here. I will do that over the weekend. I'm on the decorating forum too. They are very helpful!


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We went back to the BM store and the store owner was very helpful. Let's see if the new color is what I'm looking for. I will post pictures as soon as we're done. Now I can sleep tonight!

Enduring thanks for the tip. I was there for a long time with different color chips and than back to our bathroom for the final decision.

Fingers crossed!

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Looking forward to seeing the new paint job:)

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