Wolf 48 inch range repair issues

nerdMarch 26, 2013

I had decided on a wolf DF 48 inch range for our new kitchen when a builder friend of ours told us that in his experience the models needed to e repaired quite often. Has anyone experienced repair issues with these? I'm all set to pull the trigger but my husband thinks we should look at other brands.

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All brands have lemons and people who buy ~$14k ranges that turn out to be lemons tend to write a lot more angry post and tell more friends that people who are happy with their ~$14K range.

There is no secret brand known only to GW members that is perfect or near perfect.

You tend to hear more complaints about Wolf/Subzero relative to how good its brand reliability is because Wolf/Subzero have a very large market share.

I bought Capital because IMO the quality/service is as good as it gets in the industry just like Wolf but has better performance/options overall.

I would look at the all gas Capital Culinarian with self clean oven with motorized rotisserie.

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The Wolf DF is probably one of the most trouble free appliances. There may have been something but I can't recall anyone on this forum having problems with Wolf Df. There has been an occasional problem with a wall oven or even the Ag but Wolf has great service if you would have problems. They are known for standing behind their products. I would ask your friend what the specifics of problems were. I would search any other brands you consider on this forum to get an idea of how the service is.

I have the Wolf DF and love it. IMO, the oven is the best you can get in a range. You can load it up and the dual convection fans with the third and fourth elements keep everything baking very evenly. It also has the various cooking modes. I also love the burners. They can go from extremely low to high enough to sear steaks well. Check out the terms of the warranty for any brand you are considering. We had a very bad experience with another range and bought Wolf in part because of their reputation and have been very happy.

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