OT? Calling all dusting powder lovers...

joaniepoanieMarch 20, 2012

I have loved using dusting powder after a shower for years, but it leaves a layer of dust in the bathroom, closet, and bedroom....duh! Of course, It builds each day until I get around to dusting. Anyone else out there who loves it as well and has solved the dust issue?

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Dusting powder contains talc. This is a carcinogen like asbestos. They have linked the use to ovarian cancer. Here is a link to scientific study at Oxford. But you can google it all over.

Here is a link that might be useful: Powder Exposure and Risk of Ovarian Cancer

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>Dusting powder contains talc.

Hardly any dusting powders contain talc these days.

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The only ones I've seen recently that still do are some of the fancy looking but you never heard of it brands sold in places like Home Goods that are made in China, but talc has been gone from dusting and baby powder in most brands for quite some time now.

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That's great news!

Someone should tell Dr. Samuel Epstein that.

He continues to rail against it as though it's an issue.

Should have known the man has no idea what he is talking about.

Here is a link that might be useful: epstein on powder

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I use Johnson & Johnson baby powder, which is pure cornstarch.

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Yeah, after the first kerfuffle about this, quite a few years ago, most US makers switched to cornstarch or mica as the base. I suspect it was also cheaper for them than talc had been, but it's still a win-win situation.

Forgot to say that Caswell-Massey still uses talc, but their powder is clearly labeled as Perfumed Talc, so there's no deception there.

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Sable_ca---what do you do about the dust even with corn starch? Just....er...dust every day?

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Joanie - Hmmm. I don't go poof poof flap flap with the powder puff. I sort of place the powder on the puff and gently apply it with as little waving around the puff in the air as possible. Am very aware of the dust factor, just as you are. There isn't much dust, just some around the vanity sink and on the shelf in the medicine cabinet where the J&J lives. I wipe that up with a microfiber cloth or tissue or paper towel, whatever is nearby. Don't even think about it any more. Do you know about microfiber cloths? They have revolutionized my housekeeping; I keep them stashed out of sight in every room in the house. Wet or dry, one swipe and the problem is gone. Machine washable, line-dry, they last and last.

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I have white berber carpet in the bedroom. It still looks very white after 20 years :D


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biochem ... those studies were flawed. Some of the powder had come from the gloves used by the persons taking the samples and some from the gloves worn by the cytotechnicians making the slides.

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Sable...thanks for the info. I will have to try this method. I guess I splash around too much...it gets everywhere..on the closet rods (and clothes)...the bedroom furniture and the top of my tall, gray upholstered headboard has a dusting of white on top...ugh! I could dust and vacuum everyday. THanks for the tip on microfiber cloths...I use them now just for dusting the furniture..never occurred to use them to wipe down sinks and counters, I usually use paper towels...I'll give them a whirl....

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