How do you clean shorwer/tub??

oceanbabyFebruary 20, 2011

Just wondering how people clean their shower and tub? Do they spray with a cleaner and then stand in the tub or shower scrubbing with a sponge? Then using a sponge or wet cloth to wash it down?

Who has the time?? And you would wind up soaked.There must be an easier way. I'm looking for some kind of sponge on a pole and have read several reviews - none of them great and all requiring that you buy pad refils. Also a hose to attach to the tub faucet to wash it down but haven't had any luck.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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For starters, switch out the shower head to a handheld version so you can rinse the walls after you clean.

There are zillions of products that will do a fine job. I use Comet Bathroom Cleaner which has citric acid it in. I spray it on the walls and tub and leave it alone for several minutes. You will save yourself a lot of time scrubbing if you have the patience to let the product sit there and do its work. Use a clock to time yourself. Then wipe and rinse.

I generally do this after I have showered and before I get dressed, so I don't need a pole, I just stand in the shower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comet bathroom cleaner

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Same here...handheld shower heads make the job really easy. However, I have one bathroom with a regular head, so I use a plastic pitcher to rinse the walls.

I usually do the showers last after I've cleaned the bathroom and am ready to shower for the day. I'll either do it before or after I've showered, depending on how rushed I am.

I use the citric acid based products for the porcelain tub and tiles. However, for some of the softer real stone tiles like limestone you need to use something non acidic.

For cleaning grout and my tiled basin/walls of the master shower, I use what the pros in the bathroom/deck forums recommend...Oxyclean powder mixed with warm water in a spray bottle. It quickly cuts thru soap scum build-up and because it's an oxygen type bleach, it kills mold and mildew in the grout without harming the grout itself. And it rinses quickly away.

I read somewhere you can also use hydrogen peroxide on your grout to kill mildew...same principle as Oxyclean.

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I also use the hand-held shower head - and, whatever cleaner is in the front of the shelf in the hall closet.

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About once a week, after my shower, I spray with any store-bought bathroom cleaning spray. Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol come to mind. Let it sit in the damp tub, then remove with the washcloth I just used to clean my body. Then put the used washcloth near my clothes washer to go in the next load.

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FWIW, I made a habit 20 years ago of rinsing down all three walls (plus the shower door) after every single shower and before I grab my towel. Yes, I also have handheld shower heads in every shower in the house.

This simple exercise, using only hot water, adds maybe 10 to 15 seconds to my shower time and cuts the number of times I need to really clean the shower by probably 80% or more.

There is simply valid no reason to NOT do this...

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A few times a week, I use a dobie sponge or pouf and put cheap shampoo on it.
Spray down the walls and glass doors with hot water first and then apply the shampoo and let sit for a few minutes.
Rinse and squeegee.
It's easier when you are standing in the shower of course.
(I do a more thorough cleaning once a month with a spray cleaner of some kind.)
Oh, same thing with the tub, using the cheap shampoo....

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