Should I jump on a $1675 Miele 30" induction cooktop floor model?

sreedesqMarch 13, 2013

Based on a GE demo and these forums I have decided to install a 30" induction cooktop in my kitchen remodel. I was leaning toward Bosch, but today came across the above floor model deal on the Miele KM5753. I have a few concerns about the Miele (1) the responsiveness/ease of use of the controls since I've never been able to demo one and (2) the ease of repairs since I live in a small town. I would most likely purchase the additional warranty up to 5 years. Has anyone had any experience with this unit or repairs through the Miele warranty? I'm also interested in your thoughts in whether I should jump on this deal or stick with the Bosch or choose another cooktop. I'm a long time voyeur, first time poster. Thanks for your help!

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You would have to do "Quite a Search", at least here in Garden Web to find ANY induction cook top that has needed a repair!

There are probably a couple posts about same, but really pretty rare, and although I did buy the "After Market Warranty" for my Elux Induction Cooktop, (It was only $75 for 5 years), it still has been a waste of money after 3 years or so, as like most, they just don't have problems.

I do seem to recall a post, maybe 2, where some folks found the Miele controls a little "Touchy", but a lot of other folks have bought the Miele and are perfectly happy with it. (Do A Search for Miele Induction).

In summation, if you like the looks, function, and options on the Miele, by all means, "Go for it".
Myself, I would download both the Bosch and Miele Operators Manuals, along with the installation instructions, and then after carefully reading both. (Miele & Bosch), make your "Final Decision".

Good luck with same!!!


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Thank you Gary. Your insights on induction was one of the reasons I was convinced to switch. I'm new at this. Would I be able to find the manuals on the manufacturer's site? One other point, in comparing the controls of the Bosch 500 and this Miele, it does seem based on reviews and pictures that the Bosch has a better control panel?

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I've linked one of the Miele induction threads below, where someone (in Canada, last year) had problems with touchy controls. Not sure if that is your model, or not.

In any case, try to use the controls on this floor model, to be sure it will be usable for you.

Don't recall hearing if this issue affects certain units, or has been resolved, or what.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele induction thread

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If you google Miele and the model number, You will see the download for the "Operators and Installation Manual.
Then do the same for Bosch.

I usually go to the AJMadison web-site for that type of info and it is also a good site to do "Comparisons".

In my search for Miele and model number the "HIT" (find) was actually the Miele site, which I have linked for you below.

As I have "NO Personal experience" with either the Bosch or Miele induction cooktop, I can not guess which "control system you would like better. Check those OP manuals as to how the controls work, (IE How do you turn the power up/down "tap tap or a slider control, How do you set the timers, etc etc,

Hopefully more Bosch and Miele induction owners will chime in here.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Induction Manual

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Thank you Gary for the manual info!

Chac_Mool, I can't thank you enough for pointing out that Miele thread. I had never come across it before. It's relevant to me b/c I am 5'3, and one of the reasons I liked the Miele was for the burner layout since I am shorter. While she has the 36, which has the controls in the center, they are the same type of (+/-) controls and I imagine have the same sensors. My understanding from my techie better half is that all induction uses an older form of touchscreen technology, so extra sensitivity may compound the issue.

The (+/-) technology of this Miele seems to be more in line with the controls of the Bosch 300. I believe this Miele and the Bosch 500 would end up priced about the same (Bosch purchased from Lowes's with a 10% coupon). I guess the question b/c the Miele/Bosch 300 and the Bosch 500 is how much better is the control panel on the Bosch 500.

I do wish I could demo this model along with many others. Unfortunately, in my part of VA I have come across ONE model that was demonstration capable (a GE). I hate that places want you to "trust them," with such an important purchase. I may have to head down to Charlotte to see about a place that has more demos!

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I remember that thread about the Miele Induction unit. I really wish that the OP had come back and let us know if it was ever resolved. Her unit was behaving very oddly, and I really think Miele had the responsibility to fix it. If mine behaved like that, I'd hate it, too. I felt so badly for her.

That said, I did have a learning curve on the Miele touch controls, they kind of annoyed me in a minor way for a few weeks until I got the hang of it. The problem was that I was pushing the controls instead of just resting my finger on them. The kids, the husband--they all had no troubles at all, so I knew it was ME and not the cooktop. :-) At this point, it responds just fine to my touch and I have no issues with it. If I rest something over the controls for a few seconds, like a hand, a towel, or a pan lid, the cooktop beeps at me and turns off. If I brush my sleeve across it, or quickly wipe a towel across it to clean up up a spill, it does not shut down. I don't recall ever having it shut down due to a grain of rice or small piece of food--it would have to land just right, I'd think--and a large enough piece could affect it. Just last night a family member had a large boil over on pasta, and we picked up the pot, quickly wiped off the mess, put the pan back and it just continued on without shutting down at all. This cooktop gets very heavy use, as I cook everything from scratch, daily. I love being able to set a separate timer for each burner and use that function all the time. Most people who get induction seem to like their units, no matter which one they get. I chose the Miele because I liked the hob layout and I liked the feature set, and there was absolutely nowhere on the cooktop for crud to get caught and hide. (this was a a problem on my old stove, which was the bane of my existence!)

Good luck with your decision!

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Thanks cj47 :) Do you mind my asking how tall you are? I understand your concern about cleaning. It does have a small stainless rim, which is better than some of the ones with larger stainless piece that look like crumb catchers.

One interesting development I have learned in the past week or so is that many builder suppliers in VA (Ferguson, Cline, Reico) are getting out of the "Miele" business. From what I hear it isn't a quality issue, but more so a restructuring by Miele of how they will compensate dealers. This does concern me in terms of who will become a Miele retailer and what will happen to the line from a consumer standpoint going forward (i.e.: less availability may equal less popularity making it harder to find someone to repair it, etc.)

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Sreedesq, I'm about 5'6". The metal edge of the Miele is completely sealed, does not catch crumbs or crud, and cleans very easily. It is slightly raised--enough to contain a moderate spill or boil-over, but not high enough to bump things on when you're moving pans on and off of the cooktop. (at least, I've never had a problem with that). The control you have on induction is just wonderful.

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