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juline17March 5, 2014

Hi there!
I would love some help with laying out this bathroom in our new new build. It will be the main bathroom, wall to wall with the laundry room on one side and master bedroom on the other. I would love to have some direct laundry access (a chute or at least a built-in hamper in the bathroom), but cannot figure out how to make it fit.
I don't need a bathtub (will be one upstairs), but if finances allow it I would love a steam shower with enough room for two people.
My second priority is obtaining enough storage space, in order to keep everything off the counters.

The ducting space shown on the picture does not need to go in that exact spot.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!!!

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You don't post your fixture dimensions. What depth is that shower? Are the cabinets standard 22" deep? What is the total length of the cabinet run? Is there a make-up vanity in that run?

It appears that there is a lot of counter in both rooms. Could you not take 24" from the window end of each counter for a pocket door entry from the bathroom to the laundry room?

What is the "command station"? Can you remove it, "scooch" the laundry sink over and extend the shower into that space? This appears it would then be large enough to give you a 2-person steam shower.

Why not put in a 15" D x 48"H (and whatever width available), cabinet with adjustable shelves behind the door?

On the sink side, you could put in a pull-out removable hamper to the left of the sink (like the kitchen trash ones).
If this is the main bath, wouldn't it be easier with 2 sinks? Without having actual measurements, it looks like there is sufficient space for 2 sinks, the pocket door, hamper and a 4 (or even 5) drawer bank on this wall.
What is that narrow cabinet to the right of the sink?

In the laundry room, put in wall to wall cabinets above the counter and above the washer and dryer.
Is the open space beside the washer for hang-up?

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Thank you so much for the input!!!

To answer some of your questions; yes, the open space in the laundry is to hang clothes.

The command center is just inside the garage door and intended to keep all the mail and charging stuff that currently seem to find its way to my kitchen counters. So that one is a must-have for me. You don't think the current shower is big enough for more than one person?

The previous cabinet beside the shower was thought to be a full length cabinet for towels etc, however, I could just as easily use a base drawer for the same purpose, especially with your suggested cabinet beside the toilet. Is this what you had in mind? Any particular reason why you suggested 48" high?

I have to think about a pocket door. Alternatively I might be able to make some kind of a push-through-the-wall laundry system.
I never really understood the need for two sinks, but I have to admit that such a long counter space pretty much just invites for junk to accumulate. Hmm, something else to keep in mind

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How about a tower that sits on the end of the vanity? Have two doors on the tower with the bottom door leading to a cut out in the wall so you can push the clothes through to the laundry room.

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In your laundry center, where the hanging rack will be, could you make that more of a built in system somewhat like a closet system so there are shelves above or other helpful storage setups. I would also want a wall or draw installed ironing board. A pullout to hold my laundry soaps. A larger pullout to hold my cleaning equipment. I saw some neat ideas on houzz.

Contemporary Closet by Los Angeles Closet & Home Storage Designers Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

I saw another one similar to this pull out but it was designed to hold a canister vacuum cleaner and other things.

Rustic Entry by Portland Architects & Designers Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

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Wonderful ideas!
I should definitely consider built-in laundry systems, since any portable I've ever owned only seem to hold up for about a year anyway.

I also love the idea of a push through system. This layout version uses cabinets in the laundry with no back wall, and access doors in the bathroom. That way I can just keep my towels in the laundry but have full access from the bathroom side. Below is an access door to the dirty laundry hamper (preferably pull out on both sides if that exists). There is also a nice big space for towel bars right beside the shower.

I moved the shower and toilet for increased privacy when the door is open. My only concern is that I only get two drawer bases, but I suppose I can add more shelves beside the window (or would that look goofy?)

Which layout looks/works better?

Edited to add: I apologize for the crude Paint re-work and the lack of dimensions (no AutoCad access at work...)

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Would you have to get all the way inside the shower to turn it on? I think I like the first one better if that's the case.

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What about keeping the toilet where it is in your first pic. Turn that rectangle around to be a pony wall and create storage in the pony wall either with a pullout or cubbies or what ever. Put a pocket door in. Keep the shower at the bottom end as in first pic. You can put the shower cont valves wherever you want them. You don't have to have them below the shower head. Some have put them in the doorway so they don't get wet warming up the water. In your second layout the vanity is under the window. This may not be how you want the vanity.

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Lotteryticket: based on Enduring's information, would you go with the last layout?

Enduring, I actually already played with that type of divider, however, it only really works with the door swing towards the shower as shown on the left side below (otherwise there won't be any open floor space left, and considering we're often at least 3 people using the room at a time, we need all the space we can get!!!)

Is there a way of hinging the door this way, and not putting the glass shower door in jeopardy? All I can think of is a small floor stopper that I'm doomed to stub my toe on every bloody day...ouch

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I think you can get a shower door that will open both in and out. Would that help?

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