smell of human pee removal

cindy2011February 27, 2011

I take care of a rental house that was just vacated. the renters had several children who apparently were not taught how to use the toilet. when we got into the house after they left I found they had taken up the carpets and pads we had just laid before they moved in and the floor was saturated with the urine of the children. The smell is overwhelming. I have tried everything that has been suggested and it still reeks. I am afraid if I don't find a solution we will need to take up the floors and replace them. I even tried painting them with Kilz, THEY STILL REEK. any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. p>s> i DON'T KNOW WHERE THE CARPETS AND PADS ARE JUST VANISHED

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If you have tried cleaning and applying enzymes and sealing with paint, I would call in a professional restoration company and get their advice.

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eek - I am sorry ... I am guessing you already tried baking soda and vinegar ? I found this on another site:
How to Remove Human Urine Odors
1 Sprinkle baking soda gently over the area where the accident occurred. Let the baking soda set for a couple of minutes.
2 Spray water from a water bottle over the spot and baking soda.
3 Use a cloth to rub the water and baking soda mixture into the spot. Make sure that you run the mixture into the spot well so that you see no baking soda. Also, make sure that the spot is mostly dry before continuing.
4 Pour distilled white vinegar over the spot. Blot heavily with the cloth or paper towels until the spot is dry. Rinse the spot once again with water. Don't spray any odor-eliminating chemical over the spot while it dries. It will smell vinegar for a few hours, but the smell should be eliminated.
5 Try a pet cleaning with natural odors if the odor still persist. This should be your last and final option if the vinegar and baking soda mixture doesn't completely kill the odor.

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thank you for the tips I did try them and finally had to call a pro who said the cost would be about the same as taking up the floor and starting with new clean underfloor, which is what I think we will do. No matter how clean it will smell I would always know it was just a clean job and if I were going to pay money to rent I would want it to be germ free and clean. I guess that is why a cleaning fee and deposit is charged bummer. thanks again for all the tips.

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You need to seal the floor with a sealer that is used to prepare concrete floors for peel and stick tile. You can use it on any floor surface be it concrete or wood. Nothing will come through this stuff. If your floor is wood and the pee has gone in between pieces of the sub floor, your only recorse may be to tear it up and start over. I had the problem with pet pee on concrete sub floor where the pee had soaked in and nothing would touch it. This sealer did the trick.

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I had a problem with pee smell after a house guest moved out of the guest room. Having the carpet professionally cleaned made the smell much worse. We tried febreeze and pine sol. Nothing worked. Finally we took up the carpet and padding. The pee got into the concrete. This is what worked perfectly for me:
1. Removed carpet and padding.
2. poured bottles of hydrogen peroxide on all the urine stains on the concrete and let it dry then I repeated this step until all the peroxide was used up.

  1. Applied Odoban - let it set about an hour.
  2. Used a long handled scrub brush/broom to scrub floor.
  3. Rinsed floor.
  4. Painted floor with a sealant (Zinzer).
  5. Laid down fresh padding and carpet. The room is now my favorite room again.
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I think you may also want to call child services regarding this family. The occasional accident while toilet training is normal, but this sounds more like children being neglected, locked in a room at night, or something.

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To get rid of it ,spray the undiluted Lemon Scented Pine Sol on the whole area. I bet you will find it best way.

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Something with an enzyme treatment in it like Nature's Miracle, which is made for pets. Which means it's strong. Worth a shot.

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I've had many pets over the years, everything from puppy training to senior dog accidents. I think Odoban works better than Natures Miracle. Cleaning with straight bleach (store brand is fine) works best on hard surfaces like a bathroom floor. Just be careful, don't get it on your skin or breath in fumes.

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