Remove tile & replace w/ beadboard??? help

iloverpinkosesMarch 21, 2012

Help! We are doing a mini-makeover on our 50's bathroom.

Just got estimate to chip off old 50s tile off the walls and put up new sheetrock, and then beadboard (white painted) on top. Now this will push off our vanity installation, as this must be done first. We have to make a decision asap! We are debating tile vs. beadboard. Love the beadboard, but wondering if it will be a nuisance to paint every 5 years, or mildew problems, etc. ?? steamy showers every day...

But we don't think we can live w/ gray tile/red tile much longer. what should we do??????

Here are the colors:

Ice Gray 50's tile walls , with maroon subway trim on corners, bottoms and top.

Wall tile goes 1/2 up on wall.

Blue bathtub, and blue toilet. staying.

We got a beadboard front white cabinet, crema marfil marble top, white sink, and white medicne tri view mirror medicine cabinet, w/ coordinating lighting fixture.

For now we have floral wallpaper, like laura ashley, large blooms. Colors in that are baby blue (icy) background, red/geen cabbage roses w/ pinks. I think it looks cottagey and ties in all the colors in this bathroom. Not sure how long we'll keep, it has mold on it a little bit in tiny spots at top.

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Does the room have very good ventilation? If so, you'd probably be okay with beadboard. I'd make sure to paint the front and back with a paint that contains mildecide. Lots of paint companies carry paints that contain mildecide. I've put a link to the BM kitchen and bath paint which I've recently used in a bathroom. It hasn't been up long, but it looks great!

Id be interested in what other have to say too since I don't have any first hand experience with beadboard in a bathroom.

BTW, are you aware that you can get a beadboard tile? There are tile companies that make tile that looks like beadboard so that would be another option for you too.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM kitchen and bath paint.

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If you have good ventilation and no small children who might decide to decorate with crayon, beadboard should be fine. We (our contractor, actually) put in beadboard when we redid our front bathroom four years ago and there has been no problem whatsoever with it.The BR originally had black and white tile that was cracked, chipped, and stained, an awful mess. When the tile came off, so did whatever was behind it, so those parts of the walls were down to the studs. I don't recall what our GC used behind the beadboard, but it is very solid and there hasn't been a trace of mold. We painted it a white that matched the Daltile that went up on the tub surround. To clean it, I use one of those mild kitchen and BR sprays - like Windex - and a slightly damp sponge every so often, but really, upkeep is no problem.

For ventilation we have a jalousie window over the sink (original to the house, from 1933, not code today, but we love that window). I leave the window slightly ajar most days and that's all the ventilation we need.

I think white beadboard would look lovely with your floral wallpaper, very cottage-y, one of my favorite looks. You could pick up the colors of the wallpaper in your towels and an accessory or two.

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We have had bead board in bathrooms and had no problems.

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Thank you all for the posts. OMG !!! Beadboard tile! This is amazing! I called the tile store - they have it!! BUT! The problem is we are installing the vanity this weekend. Should we remove the tile next to it so we don't have to remove the vanity in a few weeks???

What about reglazing the walls only???? (White)

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