Cleaning porcelain tile floor after mop n glo mishap

bookworm123February 21, 2009

My porcelain tile floor is not sealed and my cleaning people put Mop n Glo on it to give it a shine. It was still dull so I attempted to remove it with a steam mop to no avail. I then used vinegar and water to no avail. I then tried Tile Lab Grout and Tile Cleaner which did not help much. The fellow at Home Depot recommended Tile Lab's Heavy Duty Cleaner and Stripper. I had some success with it but the floor is still streaky and spotty in places. Will ammonia and water help? Any help is appreciated. I am using a microfiber cloth when I am scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees. Help! I'm not getting any younger and my arms, knees and back are killing me. Also, I told the cleaning people to never bring Mop n Glo into this house again!

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You might cross-post this on the Kitchen forum -- Bill V and other tile folks are often there and may have a suggestion.

What a nightmare -- wouldn't it be nice if cleaning people took the responsibility to clean up their messes??


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As I recall, ammonia was recommended to strip wax from floors. Mop N Glow is not really a wax as much as it is some kind of coating, but it would not hurt to try.

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I did this to my self, no cleaning people to blame and it took many many cleaning's to get it off. I will never have it in my house again, either. Gailee

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Amonia will work, use it full strength or strong solution if you can. Let it set for 15 mins before mopping it up. I use it to strip wax all the time. I just whirl my mop in a bucket of amonia, then wring out my mop on the floor, spread it around, let it set then mop it up, wringing the mop out quite often. It should help your problem just fine.

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My Mother was house sitting for us and she thought my porcelain tile needed a little shine so she slammed on the Mop n Glo. Like the other posters, amonia will work but I had to do it several times before I could get it all up. I had more problems getting it out of the grout. Good luck

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Another who says ammonia....
My lovely quarry tile hearth had been coated with Mop and glow or something.....after many treatments.....ammonia finally got it clean.
Linda c

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I used your mop n glo on my vinyl floor and I hate it. So How do I get this CRAP off my floor without using a knife to scrape it off. Seloution to my problem would be fantastic. I will Never USE that product Ever Again!!!!!

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