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chloe.chloeMarch 29, 2013

One of the home plans my husband and I are considering for a new build has a small den right off the entry ( in the front of the house). The thing is, we will not use the den as the home has a family room and an additional large loft on the second floor which will be used as our 2nd family room. We will have a spare bedroom to use as a computer room. My question is, would it be odd to have a family command area in lieu of a den? I'm thinking built-in cubbies, desk with charging station, a place to keep the dog stuff ( food/water bowls, etc). I just can't visualize this in the front off the entry way. Do you think changing out the den would impact resale later on.....we are military family, so it is likely that we will eventually sell. I just think a central command area would be much more functional for us then just putting in a den that we will never use or go in. Any thoughts or suggestions would be so appreciated!!!
Thank you!!

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I wouldn't do it. Resale sounds like a certain thing for your family and problems selling a house because of a tweek in planning is avoidable at this point. There are thousands of plans out there. I think (my opinion) traditional dens are rarely used now even in formal settings. You could find a plan that has a bonus room near the garage or side entry that could be purposed as a drop area.


Are the plans set up where the front door would be the most frequently used door?

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This doesn't sound like something that would appeal to many people -- not at the front of the house. If it suits you, i say do it . . . But don't do built ins.

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I agree with Mrs. Pete. If it's something you can stage as an office when you go to sell, that's one thing, but I would not put anything permanent in there.

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Ditto. I would not want it there at all. If you want to buy those portable cubbies like they sell at Ballard Designs or Pottery barn and it makes sense to have something like that at the front of your house (i.e., is it a main entrance??), then ok. But if you come in the side door and this is at the other door then even that makes no sense to me at all.

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Thanks for the opinions! I was struggling with the idea of having that be in the front of the house ( where main entrance is) but I just hated the idea of wasting space like that if we won't use a den. Maybe what I'll do is put a closet in the den so it can double up as storage and use it as an office?
Any other suggestions what this front room can be used for instead of an office?? Thanks!!

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Really sounds like the wrong plan for your family, particularly if you don't anticipate a long-term stay in the house. Why buy or build a house that doesn't fit your lifestyle?

Can you look at other options?

Good luck on your project.

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Can this room be a reading / quiet room..??.. Like a library of sorts.

What I'm finding in all these open area plans is there is no escape from media... and the sound. I think it's just a nice option to have a room where someone can have conversation or read a book withOUT having to go to a bedroom.

Just finish it minimally ... couple of wing back chairs... a side table... reading lamp... etc.

Anyway... just a suggestion since you seem to really like this plan.

PS -- Thank you for your service.

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We are building a den in our otherwise open plan precisely to allow a space where someone (probably me) can go to be away from the noisy main living space, or someone (probably my husband) can go to watch something on the tv (baseball) without having to have the volume turned way up to hear it over whatever else is going on.

Does that sound like something that would appeal to you?

If not, I think Virgil may be right, and this may not be the right plan for you.

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