how to clean vinyl floors to remove yellow film

JessiepFebruary 7, 2007

I saw a hint for this and did not clip it out and now I need it.Anyone else have it.Thanks Jessie

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To hot water in bucket, add small amount of ammonia and white vinegar. Apply to stains and let sit for awhile, scrub and rinse well. If you have pets or crawling tikes, this should not be used.

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Thank you so much.I will try this as mine are in need of something that will take the yellow off.Jessie

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Is it a yellow film or have they turned yellow? There is a problem sometimes with the glue used to install vinyl. Sometimes it comes up in the vinyl and turns it yellow. This is a big problem for white, off-white vinyl. They will never go back to white.

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My old worn out white bath tile is now black because the finish is worn so any dirt goes right in. It now looks like it's stained in spots even after mopping. I'm not ready to replace it until we are going to sell the house. Any suggestions in the interim. I do have pets, but will gladly rinse any solution that will work. Thanks

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