Roman Tub Faucet

dcwesleyMarch 11, 2013

I hae ordered the fixtures for the shower and am now moving on to the fixtures for the sunken tub. Currently in the tub deck we have the handles for the tub at the head end, and the spout at the foot end. We want to replace those, plus add a hand held shower. I assume we will need a diverter valve in the tub. Is this usually part of the tub spout?

Our shower fixtures are brushed nickel. I would like to find a tub spout that coordiantes with the shower, is traditional, but a little unique. Any suggestions?

DH is intrigued by the "channel style. Does anybody have experience with these? Do they splash?

I am looking at ones from Newport Brass. Any feedback on quality?

Here is a link that might be useful: Channel

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I got the channel-style Pfizer Kenzo roman tub faucet and handheld and I'm in love with it. Sink faucets too. They splash a bit I guess but you wouldn't notice it - it's a faucet, it goes over a sink or tub - who cares about splashing? LOL. Honestly I can't remember if I needed to buy a separate diverter for the tub suite - I ended up with one extra diverter I bought from Amazon when the remodel was finished. If you go to and put it in a shopping cart, it will tell you if you need to buy a diverter for it.

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In most of the faucets i've seen the diverter isn't part of the spout, but a part of either the handheld, or a separate button/switch. Personally, I love the wall mounted style, but sadly, those don't ever seem to come with hand showers, and you can't really add a hand shower on to a faucet after the fact... The first faucet on this page is my current daydream for the new bathroom:

Here is a link that might be useful: Symmons Roman Tub Filler with Handshower

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Beautiful Roman tub faucet! We have an open channel spout style faucet in our powder room and I love it. There's something elemental about the cascade of the water that you just don't get with a regular spout.

The diverter on the Brizo faucet you've chosen is built in to the spout. The rectangle piece that sticks up above the spout and looks decorative is the diverter. You simply pull it up and the water is diverted to the handshower--similar to the setup on many tub/shower combo faucets.

Hope this helps and can't wait to see your finished bath!!!

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