Cuisinart Stainless Steel Coffee Pot. How to clean?

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bFebruary 10, 2009

It's thermal. But I can't get the coffee stains out. Any suggestions? Easy please! The neck is narrow, and the body is huge. Hard to clean.

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I have the same problem and same narrow neck. What finally worked was a very strong solution of bleach and water. I've used this method several times now but I do wonder if this will eventually damage the pot.

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Denture tablets in hot water. Let it sit in the pot for a few hours....then rinse well.

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Shaklee's Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover. Put a couple tablespoons into the carafe, add hot water to the top and let it sit over night. It will look like brand new. And this product has no harsh chemicals; is kind to the environment. I clean my carafe every couple of months this way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nature Bright

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Posted by desertdance: " The neck is narrow, and the body is huge. Hard to clean."

"Stains" on stainless steel is actually build-up. Use a bottle brush if the neck is narrow.

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The denture tablets didn't work well for me. And the bottle brush couldn't reach all the spots inside my carafe. Now I use 1/2 of an Electrosol dishwasher detergent tablet and let soak overnight. It comes out spotless.

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White King Softener will clean most anything, though it's made as a laundry addative. I put a tablespoon in my coffee pot then fill with boiling water. After standing about an hour the pot rinses to look like new. This product also cuts grease. I put a handful into a sink of warm water and clean the mess off my stove parts and even the grease off the vent hood. It sells for about $6 a box - the only problem is that not all major stores carry it.

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I put 2 or 3 tablespoons of Cascade powdered dishwasher detergent in my coffee maker's stainless steel carafe and filled it with boiling water and let it set for an hour or so. The coffee build up (oils maybe?) came off in sheets. Yuck. Now it looks brand new.

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I agree with chikadeead, I fill up my pot with boiling water and add a few tablespoons of dishwasher detergent and let it sit. You will be amazed how sparkling clean it turns out. Since it is so cumbersome to get a brush inside your pot, I would close the lid and give it a few shakes before emptying the pot. Make sure you rince it out good.

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Kudos to the dishwasher detergent folks! We have had the high-end brand SS pot for two years and I happened to look inside it today - UGH! I tried the boiling water with a detergent packet for a few hours. Perfect! Cheap! Easy! Do it! Often!

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Wow! All the hours I've spent on GardenWeb over the years have just paid off.

We have a stainless steel Thermos used to keep the extra coffee. It's tall and difficult to clean. Last night I tried the boiling water and DW detergent. When I poured it out this morning, the water looked like weak coffee (yuck). The inside of the Thermos is beautiful.

Thanks everyone!

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Does anyone know how to clean the lid properly? Mine keeps overflowing.

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Glad this thread was revived. The DW detergent tip worked great on my SS pot & mug. They look brand new again.

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I used to sell stainless steel cookware. The strong dishwasher detergent solution was what we recommended. We also used to recommend a vinegar/water rinse before a final plain water rinse.

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Haven't tried the dishwashing detergent but
There is. Dip It, made for this purpose.
Not easy to find but it works.

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JuneGardner - That happened to us quite a number of times: waking up to coffee overflowing the counter is NOT fun! When you shake the top, you can hear a ball-like piece jiggling around. You can imagine that as coffee flows over it, the oils and residue will start to accumulate in that space, too...and sometimes the ball just gets stuck in place, which plugs the hole where the coffee normally drips in. I soak the top in a bowl of warm, soapy water for about an hour, every few days....really jiggle it around to loosen the old coffee. During my daily wash/rinse, you have to keep the ball jiggling as you're washing. Haven't had a leak in a while. Good luck.

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I have had the problem of the lid overflowing. I took my coffee maker for service at Cuisinart. Was told this happens due to buildup inside the lid. The technician cleaned the lid and gave me a small brush, like the ones used to clean an electric razor that fit into the slots on the lid. Every few pots I slide the brush into the slots and swish it back and forth and then rinse the lid. I have never had a problem since. Prior to going to get it serviced I had contemplated throwing the machine away due to frustration with overflowing coffee and the mess it made.

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I tried the DW cleaning and it got it really clean but even though I rinsed it and rinsed it it tasted like DW stuff for at least a week. Any suggestions?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

This is a good thread. Recently I had the coffee overflow experience on my countertop. Unit is less than a year old. It replaced the first one that had multiple overflow problems. Cuisinart replaced it at no cost to us. The replacement is sitting in it's box unopened. While waiting for shipment we drug out the old Gevalia and bought ground coffee to be used in it. 1/4 C ground in a regular filter and water to the fill line works just fine on that brand. Once the ground coffee is gone, we'll retire the Gevalia for emergencies and use the new Cuisinart. This time, I'll take your advice and keep the lid clean!

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Also remember that at the base of the lid is a rubber (?) gasket that must also be removed and cleaned (as well as the part of the lid underneath the gasket itself).

pirate29p: you might try removing the gasket, rinsing it very well with dish soap/water. Separately fill a bowl with warm-to-hot water, dunk the lid into the bowl and swish it around vigorously for a couple of minutes -- you should hear that plastic ball/stopper rattling around (a good thing).

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I follow the directions that come with the pot. I prefer glass pots because I can see that it's clean.

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