Show me the (shower) door!

lizb_1772March 7, 2012

If you have advice on glass shower doors, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

In a week it will be time to purchase ours. I know tempered, clear (not green cast), swings both ways. But what about height? I am inclined to end glass about 12-14 inches from ceiling. Is that OK? And handle style? Towel bar style or not? Pros and cons?

Bathroom is small, traditional, casual, matte biscuit subways in shower, chrome finishes. Door and pony wall top will be glass.


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This is an in-progress picture of our shower:

And a close up picture of the handle which I love because of its sculptural shape:

We had planned to run the pony wall glass right up to the soffit to avoid steam rolling out on our upper cabinets which will be just a few inches away but we were going to end the door about 8" below the soffit. Our glass guy persuaded us to go full height on the door as well so that we could do a pivot hinge instead of clips. I love the look of as little hardware as possible so not having clips on the side of my door and on the pony wall glass was really appealing. I wanted to keep the shower as visually clutter free as possible so we did not put a towel bar on either side of the door and made sure that our two niches were not visible from the room.

BTW, our glass is Showerguard but not Starfire so it is not the perfectly clear glass I thought I wanted too. Our glass guy brought us a large sample of the regular glass so that I could see it against our tile. Beside the green tint visible at the edge of the glass, there is so very little tint to the glass itself that I was not willing to pay the 35% more that it would have cost for Starfire. I might have decided differently if our tile was white but against our tile, I'm fine with it.

Good luck... aren't these decisions exhausting?!

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also you do not want it to " swings both ways as you will not be able to seal the door for water leaks!

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Our door swings both ways but, because we have the recommended pitch to our shower curb, no water leaks out under the door. (I'm sure it also helps that none of our showerheads are aimed toward the door!) We didn't want anything on the bottom of the door or on the curb that might complicate cleaning.

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Uh-oh. . .pivot hinge, clips, Showerguard, Starfire. . .never considered all that. Obviously I have a lot of learning to do -- and fast.

treasuretheday: what a terrific shower you have! And I am certain your entire bathroom reflects your attention to detail and very fine taste. Congratulations. Now that I am on the home stretch of our fairly simple layout and materials, I have a much better appreciation for the very lovely tile, granite, hardware, workmanship, etc. that folks are using. All along this reno process I have remarked how fortunate it is that the tile stores/big box stores don't carry guns or I'd have put myself out of this misery long ago! Sheesh! The details are amazing!

Better go study up on shower glass. . .joy. Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks, Liz, for the compliment. Ours has been a 10 1/2 month journey so far and I think that the attention to detail has led to us obsessing over details. We have GC'd the project and there were many times that we joked about just drywalling over the doorway to the bathroom and pretending that it doesn't exist. lol

I know what you mean about the learning curve. I found so much information here on GW so at least I felt prepared to ask intelligent questions when I met with the various contractors.

I'm sure your room will be lovely. One thing I've really come to appreciate from this experience is that a beautiful renovated bathroom can come in all different styles and materials.

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Re: the "swings both ways"
In our master shower, we have no problem with not having any plastic seals around the door. No water gets out due to the location of the shower heads and the tight fit of the glass door. I loooove that I can swing the door inward as I (1) squeegee it clean (2) let the shower air out and dry (3) doesn't drip on the floor..
Upstairs, in a shower that replaced a tub, I thought we could do without the nasty plastic seal, but the dimensions of the shower make a huge water deflection right at the edge of the door. (but only if there is someone actually showering...LOL). So we are stuck with a door that only opens out.

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Treasuretheday, would you mind giving us the source of your beautiful handle? It was the first thing I saw in your picture!! Then the close up!!
What a beautiful shower! I really like the style of your bench, too.

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Thanks, Springroz! I'm happy to share the source, U.S. Horizon. My shower door guy had never seen this handle before and now he's ordered one to put on display in his showroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: U.S. Horizon ergonomic handle

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Love your bathroom!! What is the name of your granite?

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Thanks, Menmsmom! Our granite is Moxuara. I'm looking forward to our room being done in the next couple of weeks so that I can finally post my before and after pics.

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Here's a link to my bathroom photos. We didn't get the clear glass, but you can see from the farther shot the "green" glass isn't so bad. Also, we didn't have anywhere to put a towel bar, so we had one put on the door. I thought it would be hitting the wall all the time, but it turns out that usually when we go into the shower we open the door in. Very seldom do we open it outward. Oh, and we don't have any plastic/rubber seals around our door and water does not come out.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Bathroom Thread

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Thank you for the link!!


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I think your bath remodel is lovely! The lavender is really pretty with the tile!
I appreciate your opinion on the shower door swing. I have never had a shower door with an inward swing, but our new master bath has wood flooring, and that will be VERY helpful!


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