What Toto Toilet is best? Help!

Jenny94526March 21, 2012

We have a 1.6 Toto toilet that is over 12 yrs old which works great, but now I understand we need to go to the 1.2 toilet in CA. I want to make sure it has a powerful flushing system and any suggestions would be really appreciated.

do I need the G-Max? E+? too many choices... Thank you

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We got the Toto Drake II with dual cyclone. Love it. 1.2 gal only.

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'love' our nexxus

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Terry Love's plumbing web site has lots of useful info. It says this recommendation page has been updated this year, but even if not so much, this gives you lots of criteria and things to thing about.
Though there are so many Toto's on the list, doesn't look to me like you can go wrong with Toto.

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I just read an article that said Toto Drake was best, but American Standard makes a copy, Cadet 3 that is about as good, but a whole lot less expensive.

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We recently installed a Toto Drake 1.6 gal and its really good. We were also considering the American Standard Cadet 3 but it was more expensive than the Toto in the biscuit color. We were able to save about 200$ by buying the TOTO online from National Builders Supply.

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I got the toto sanagloss ultramax II. It's really good.

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I just ordered the Lloyd, I never hear many people talk about this one, I liked the skirt on it...Many times when I read these post I think gosh did I get the right toilet.....Toilets draw a lot of opinions on GW

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