Do you have a cordless 2 in 1 vacuum you like?

ailene54February 21, 2014

I had a cordless shark vacuum I just retired since it wasn't keeping a good charge. For it's replacement I want a 2 in 1 cordless that is good. I didn't want to spend 400 on the dyson, so have been buying and returning for the last couple of weeks. My frirst was a Bissel, it worked well, but when it came to cleaning out I never saw anything quite that discussing. Next was the new Electrolux, it did a great job on my wood floors, but when it came to carpeting, it was as though I did nothing....My dog left a small piece of his treat, which remained on the floor. Any suggestions will be appreciated.....leaning more and more toward the

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Checking in on this thread, hitch hike.

I'm not sure this is directly related, but I'd like to find a good battery powered hand vac, not a NiCad (those batteries die within the first year) maybe a lithium ion battery.

Also maybe to the subject of the post I have a bagless Hover that is super, did I say SUPER, at picking up dog hair and is in general good on hard floors and carpets. It is under $150, closer to $120 best I can recall. It is also rated highly.

The is rated very low on emissions and the dumping is not task in my mind. I can look up the model number if interested.

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Looking back I see you indeed were also looking for a cordless. A little more research, and the fact I use Ryobi 18VDC hand tools led me to the Ryobi 18VDC hand vacuum. I may try it as it uses the same battery and charger I already have for hand tools, and that is an 18V Lithium Ion battery. I believe this battery is superior but I have owned such a battery only since Christmas (present) - i can say the battery has been sitting in a very cold garage since Christmas and it still has a good charge - I needed to us a hand drill yesterday and used that battery - it was full of "pep:". I don't yet have the vac and so can't say how well it works, but a good battery is a good starting point.

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