Can I put polishd marble on floor and shower floor?

cmaraMarch 25, 2012

I hope someone can help me. I have been searching online for bathroom inspiration for months. I decided to go with a 2" polished hex Calcutta marble floor. I happened to be in Manhattan the other day and stopped in at Ann Sacks. I mentioned the polished hex to the salesman and he said I shouldn't use polished marble in a bathroom. He said it's dangerous and none of the installers Ann Sacks uses are permitted to install polished marble on a bathroom or shower floor. I'm confused!

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The 2" hex will probably be ok because you will have alot of grout lines to give traction, but I would double check just to be 100% sure before installing them. Bill Vincent or Mongoct (on GW) could probably say for sure. What the salesman said at AS is generally true--it's one of the reasons floor tile is not shiny like wall tile--it's a slip hazard. There are 2 easy ways to increase traction--small tiles with lots of grout lines or textured tile (floor tile).

hope this helps!

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We have mosaic marble in our bath and are about to put in on the shower floor. It is MUCH less slippery than a 12" or even 6" ceramic etc due to all the grout lines.

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we have 12" polished marble in our master bath and i am absolutely fine with it. we have a couple of area rugs placed- outside of shower, tub, and at vanity.
maybe running with wet, bare feet would be slippery, but i haven't noticed any more slipperiness walking with wet, bare feet than i've noticed on any tiled floor...

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totally agree with busybee. We have 12" polished marble in both of our new bathrooms. Totally fine. Any wet floor is slippery no matter the material so you just have to try to keep it dry and pay attention. Our shower floor is mosaic.

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Thanks for everyone's input. I think I'm going to stick with the polished hex.

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Another issue with the polished vs. honed besides slipperiness is that the etching will show much worse on polished. It will be especially apparent around the toilet and vanity areas and on the shower floor. You really should experiment a bit with it to be sure that you are OK with how that will look as a sealer cannot prevent etching, only staining. It will drive some people nuts, so be sure you are not one of them before rather than after the fact.

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