Fabric sizing - how to remove?

GreenladyFebruary 17, 2005

I bought some fabric, and when I got it home, it smelled so strongly of formaldehyde that I tried to take it back to the store. Unfortunately, it was on sale so I couldn't. The smell wasn't noticeable in the store or I wouldn't have bought it.

I know formaldehyde is used in fabric sizing, but how do I get it out? I've heard that you can soak the cloth in something, baking soda maybe? Borax? and then wash it and it will be OK to wear.Is this true, or does anybody have any other suggestions.

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I am so allergic to that stuff in fabric sizing that I get tearey eyed and cough just walking through a fabric store!
Wash it....works for me! They also say if you open it out and hang to air the stuff will dissapate.

Linda C

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Thanks! I have it hanging over the railing on the patio right now, and it has been since I brought it home. It still smells, but not quite as strong. Still too much, though, so I will wash it before I make the jacket.

I thought I was the only one who had breathing problems in fabric stores! If I spend much time in there, like more than five minutes or so, I usually come out with a migraine.

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ALWAYS clean fabric by the intended method before you sew it: if it's wash and wear, wash it and dry it.

That takes care of the shrinkage, and sizinfg and that annoyingly new smell.

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I have to admit I've never washed fabric before making something. Most of it doesn't smell like formaldehyde, so I never even thought of it. I'm a very occasional do it yourself clothes maker, so I don't know all the tricks. ;-) Thanks!

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I recently purchased 100% cotton bandanas that contain so much sizing that they are almost non-absorbant. Several washings have shown little improvement. Is there something that I can soak these in to remove the sizing?

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