Need help calculating lot dimensions

finallyhomeMarch 26, 2012

I've found a small triangle shaped lot that I want to buy. However, I need to determine what size house would fit.

The left side of the triangle is 36.86. The right side 52.8. The bottom of the triangle (front of house) is 75.79.

I don't want a triangle shaped house. What would be the maximum width and depth I could build not taking into count the setbacks?

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The size of the lot is 887.359
If that is square feet (you did not specify any unit of measure) it is clearly not a buildable lot.

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If the dimensions you provided are the construction lines:
405 square feet (27' wide x 15' deep +/-)if you want a perfect rectangle.
520 square feet if you want a litle bit of a shape (combining two rectangles).
Is this for a one car garage, casita or an tiny cottage?

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Well, I was hoping to be able to put a small 2 level home above a 2 car garage. This is an infill lot in an urban area close to downtown. I only want a small 1300 - 1400 sq ft house so I am limited in the available lots. I don't want a condo or a one of the larger townhomes in the area.

Most older houses in the area are being torn down for new builds. But since the lots are going for $150K to $200K, it doesn't make financial sense to put such a small house on these lots, nevermind the fact i'm never cutting grass again. I was hoping this lot would work.

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