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blueiris24February 5, 2009

I have a "recipe" for a multi purpose cleaner I'm going to start using. It calls for

3.5 c hot water

1/2 c vinegar

1 tsp borax

1 tsp washing soda

1 tsp liquid castile soap

1 32 oz spray bottle

My question IS, and is not addressed in the book I got this from, does the water need to be hot to use this? Can I mix it up and leave it in the spray bottle and use it as needed, or do I need to mix a new batch each time because it needs to be HOT water?


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What is liquid castile soap and where do you buy it?

I could be wrong but I would get the water needs to be hot to make sure everything dissolves together, and then you can use it as needed...

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It's made with all vegetable oils and can be found in health food stores.

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Dr. Bronner is a real liquid soap and there are others. Read the labels. There are many things on the shelves that are mislabeled. Here is a vid showing different brands being tested and only three of them are proved to be real soap.

Here is a link that might be useful: Real Soap

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I mix my own spray cleaner, using the same ingredients. I noticed that your amount is different than mine.

I usually heat up the water in the MW, then mix the borax and washing soda in the heated water. The higher temp. helps to dissolve the dry ingredients. It need not be boiling, but can be very warm. You can leave the mixture in the bottle for next time, so there is no need to make up a new mixture. To have a nicer scent, I usually add some drops of essential oil to the finished mixture.

I also use Dr. Bronners Castile bar soap when shaving. It gives me a really great shave, while leaving my face moisturized. I have really dry skin, in the winter, so this bar leaves more oils in my skin. Soap does not strip oils like detergents.

The easiest place to find the liquid Castile soap and bar soaps is at a natural food store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

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Vinegar water for pretty much everything -- only other wet rag cleaning I do besides the dishes are the bathrooms and vinegar works great. That's about all I use. Warm water, b/c it works better than cold water, and I don't want to dip my hands into cold water. I use baking soda paste on my stove top. Microwave... I boil vinegar water in it for a couple minutes, then wipe down with a rag. I imagine that you could use lemon juice water, too, or just plain water -- the steaming will soften/loosen a lot of the junk up pretty well on its own. I used Murphy's Oil Soap on my hardwood floors once and it left a dull finish -- won't do that again. I just learned that it likely does more harm than good. 1 cup vinegar in 1 gallon warm/hot water was recommended instead of Murphy's.

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The shelf life for your mixture is indefinete.

Hot or warm water always help to cut grease and stains, so you may just need to scrub a little more once the mixture has cooled, but you can keep it for several days until finished without needing to make it from scratch each time you need it.

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