Please help with deciding on either a 42" or 48" fridge

nyse2502March 21, 2013

I am doing a whole house reno and my budget has gone crazy. I don't want to take away from my kitchen but I think I can save a little money with the appliances. I am currently planning on using:

wolf 36" rangetop
wolf double ovens
ge spacesaver mw
asco dishwasher

my question is the fridge, I was going to use the subzero 42" or 48" and I have it on its own wall so I have a lot of options as to whether I use a built-in, integrated or traditional fridge. I had a SZ in my old house and was not that impressed so I figured maybe this was where I could save some money. Help, I need some ideas and price points. I am also flexible as to stainless or panel ready and I only want an ice maker, no exterior water and ice.

Thanks in advance!!

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I went through the same decision 7 years ago now.

We had a free standing GE Fridge, SxS water through the door, crushed ice, etc. Water leaked, ice crusher was always breaking, couldn't get parts for it, even after it was only one year old from GE, so made parts to fix it myself. To Big A PITA so we knew , "Next Fridge no ice and water through the door.

Next came size selection, even thou that was not a small fridge, it was always crammed full, with "Scientific Experiments" going on in the back of it, (You know outta sight, outta mind)? One day wife opens the fridge, 3 or 4 eggs crashed to the floor , that did it--we gotta have a bigger fridge!

At first I was thinking about the 42", as I was designing our whole kitchen, and being soooo tired of the old fridge, and looking at the 48" GE, SZ and Jenn-air, I decided, well I'm gonna design the whole kitchen around the fridge and we bought the 48"Jenn-air, built in and paneled, (Not Integrated).

Well fast forward 7 years, We still love that Fridge. It has been completely trouble free for 7 years now with the exception of the ice maker which I replaced myself after about 5 years for about $135.

The paneling is sooooo much easier to keep clean than was the stainless steel, everything is in plain sight so we lost our "Chemistry Degrees" (No hidden experiments going on in the very back of it) LOL.

Back in 2006 I paid $4588 for the JA fridge and it had several more features than the SZ had, even thou the SZ was over $7000, even back then! For example, you can set 3 different temps in just the fridge area, one for the meat keeper, one for the chrisper and one for the main compartment. All are digitally controlled and with a digital readout for each. The shelves crank up/down with a handle you turn---it was better lit, so we went with it.
Anyway, really happy we went with the 48". There is plenty of fridge and freezer room, and that which we use most we keep at a convenient level for us, (we are just as apt to get into the freezer as the fridge), and @ 70 years old, 'Im not about to
claim "Squaters Rights" to peruse the freezer (Ya know what I mean)?

Anyway look at the Kitchenaids and the Jenn-airs, You might save some money, and YES, I an impressed with my Jenn-air Fridge!!!


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