Cleaning Wedgewood Jasperware

cheryl_down_underFebruary 20, 2006

Does anyone know how to clean Wedgewood jasperware? I have several pieces that are dusty and I'd like to brighten them up. A web search hasn't revealed much - one link said to put in the dishwasher, another to soak in detergent and use a soft bristle toothbrush, but I didn't think you could get this stuff wet. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.


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If it says "Wedgewood" on the bottom, it is hard fired and the dishwasher is fine....Or scrub with a tooth brush and some thing like comet.
Unless you chip or crack can't hurt it.
It is porcelain! Vitrified earthenware....won't absorb water and is very durable.
Scrub it, put it in the dish washer won't hurt it at all. It is not porous....just unglazed.
Linda C

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Thanks Linda for your help. I ended up just using a toothbrush, some dishwashing detergent and rinsing well (I don't know what Comet is as we don't have it here). Anyway, it worked very well and my Wedgwood pieces are looking great.


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Thanks for the info, I have a Jasperware ashtray, which someone used for butts and badly stained it.

I simply squirted some dishwashing liquid on it full strength and gently rubbed it with a terry cloth dishrag, after that I rinsed it with tempid water and dried it with a dishtowel. I looks like new.

I did read on another site NOT to put it in the automatic dishwasher, as it may be damaged by the heat, which made sense to me.

p.s. Cheryl, Comet is an abrasive scouring power such as Ajax or BonAmi here in the U.S., I would only resort to using such a product in extreme cases.


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Jim, that Jasperware has been fired at a lot higher temperature than your dish washer will get, and there is no glaze to crackle. A dishwasher won't hurt it.
And Ajax won't hurt it either.
Back in the dark ages when I smoked, I used it often on a several Jasperware ashtrays.
That's tough stuff!
Linda C

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I just started collecting wedgwood and several pieces have chips on top of vases. Can these be repaired by using a special filing method? Should they be repaired or will that reduce their value?

Also cleaning chipped,glazed or glued pieces? What do you recommend?

Thank You.

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I wouldn't file down chiopped china. You could have them filled, but I think the cost of doing that would be prohibitive.
Either ignore the chips or collect un chipped stuff.
Don't wash repaired china.
Linda C

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Someone gave me a lovely small Wedgewood vase. In the bottom, it has green "plant" clay. Please suggest how to best remove the clay.

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